Saturday, September 29, 2012

Working Girl-Outfit of the Day (September 27,2012)

Shirt:Target  Cami:Dots  Jeans:Dots  Boots:Candies
Also know as: Where Helen cosplays Sam Winchester
I missed you guys! I haven't blogged much because I recently got a job working at Lane Bryant. I've also been going to school full time. It's a bit stressful and sometimes I'm unsure of myself but so far so good.
The simple make-up you see before you has become my uniform for school and work. It's easy to slap on some ivory shadow and brown in the crease with a little liner. I miss apply colors though.
Okay I know these pictures are blurry as hell around my face. Bare with me here, I've never taken ootd pics before. I had a friend help but she's not used to taking full body shots either. I'd love some more tips to taking full body shots!