Friday, April 20, 2012

Welcome to Hellmouth-experiment

Buffy the Vampire Slayer has quickly become one of my favorite series. (Next to Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Stargate Sg-1, Sailor Moon...ok I have a lot of favorites.) I have to thank Cassie, whom has graced my blog many times with her beautious face, for having me watch. I like smart, witty shows and that's exactly what Buffy is. Joss Whedon is an amazing writer if you've seen any of his other shows or movies Buffy was one of the first 'verse he wrote. Sometimes after a long Buffy marathon I get it in my head that those evil critters that go bump in the night are real. I mean I live in Cleveland which is a Hellmouth according to Giles.

What I used:

Wet n Wild black eyeliner pencil (Used to line the upper and lower lash line then blended up.)
Fyrinnae pixie epoxy
Nyx eyeshadow in black (Patted on the lid and blended towards the brow in the inner corner of the eye
also smudged underneath the lower lash line.)
Fyrinnae e/s in Bite Me (Metallic blood red blended onto the crease.)
Fyrinnae e/s in Nijiro (A warm ivory used as a highlight color on the inner corner of the lid and brow bone. I put this on before the other colors to decrease the amount of blending.)
Fyrinnae e/s in Candy Coated (Deep red tossed onto the very inner crease to make the next color blend better.)
Fyrinnae e/s in Alchemist's curse (Matte black with rainbow hued sparkles patted onto the lid and run along the lower lash line.)
Fyrinnae e/s in Purgatory (Shimmery deep deep red used between Alchemists's Curse and Candy Coated to make a better transition between the two.)
Nyc liquid eyeliner in black
Milani eyeliner in black
Tarte Lights! Camera! Lashes!

Wet n Wild lipstick (Deep brown red used on the inner corner of the lips, while a bright magenta red is used all over. I don't recall the names because I am silly.)
Rimmel Kate lipstick in 04 (Sadly this doesn't work with my skin tone so I can't wear it that much but I patted this on the inner pout of the lip.)

This was one of the most extreme looks I've done in a while. I've been wearing only neutrals or browns for the past month. I miss wearing bright colors but I have no time to apply them with school, my fiance moving and my parents being extra clingy.
 What do you think of the look? I wish I had enough time to make some vampire ridges so I could do an actual vamp look. The vampires in Buffy are so cool when they change face. Eee I love special effects make-up! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dollar Store Dita-fotd

After a long day of class sometimes it's fun to let loose and apply more make-up over what you've got on. Sadly I don't remember exactly what I had on the eyes, all I know is that I applied a lot of eyeliner. I mean a lot. I did at least three different layers to get it perfect.

What I used:

Too Faced Natural palette ( Push up placed on the lid and sexpresso used to fill in the brows heavier then normal.)
Wet n Wild Vanity palette (Dark matte brown used on the outer corner of the crease.)
Wet n Wild liquid eyeliner (Actually hate this liner. You can see it's starting to crease against my lid.)
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Perversion
Tarte Lights! Camera! Lashes

Hot Topic random lip liner in red
Wet n Wild lipstick in Red Velvet

So I was thinking wouldn't it be fun if I did a Buffy characters series? I mean I haven't finished my Star Trek series...or my faerie one...or...oh man I am such a flake. Oy.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pardon My Dust...

Recently I've had a huge change in my life that's left me with no time to blog. I'm ok and everyone is safe so don't worry. Hopefully I will be back to blogging soon. I miss you guys, actually I miss blogging too.
See you soon!