Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rage Against-fotd/Renee

Last Friday Renee came back from her three week trip to Okinawa Japan to visit her Marine husband. She came back armed with Japanese candy, adorable toys and loads of stories. On Tuesday she decided that she wanted me to dye her hair with an added pink streak. We dyed it a dark brown with a gold base since her natural hair color is light gold toned brown. For the pink I bleached the strip with a violet toned bleach and then mixed a bunch of different pinks together. The base was a conditioner with a dime sized dab of Special Effects Cherry Bomb, another dime sized dab of Special Effects Cupcake Pink and the rest is Manic Panic's Hot Hot Pink.
After we finished dying her hair she asked me to do her make-up like her hair. A pink and brown combo with a rocker edge. I tried to use as little black as possible even though black is a staple in most "rock star" looks. When we were done we had a mini "photo shoot" with loads of crazy poses. These pictures are my favorites because they capture who she really is, sassy, funny and silly.

What I used:

Estee Lauder eyeshadow stick in Bronze (Made into a winged shape along the lid.)
Detrivore e/s in Wraith (Dark brown with copper shimmer used on the lid over the shape.)
Detrivore e/s in Vulture (Taupe brown used to blend the crease and brow highlight.)
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Woodstock (Bright pink used along the lower lash line.)
Sugarpill e/s in Dollipop (Bright matte pink used over Woodstock.)
Sugarpill e/s in Tako (Matte white lightly brushed on to the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye.)
Darling Girl e/s in Rainbow Brite (Sheer pink with rainbow sparkles used to highlight the inner corner of the lid, over Dollipop and along the brow bone.)
Milani eyeliner in black
Tarte Lights! Camera! Lashes!

Wet n Wild lipstick Hot Pink with Blue sheen (Rubbed onto the center of the lid.)
Essence lip gloss in Bubble Babe

Now I'm going to enjoy being snowed in because Ohio weather is stupid.


  1. I love that the eyes match her hair! Beautiful colours, too.

  2. Aw, she is so cute! I love the pink in her hair and the look is cute too :)

  3. cool! seems like you're the hairdresser and make up artist of your friends! and you're so good at it! i love the different colours you dye so keep on doing that! and the make up on her looks really soft, but still edgy!//Azure

  4. That is so cute. I love this post because it shows your ability to do hair and makeup on other people as well, which we all know how to do our own makeup--being able to do other people's makeup takes skills. :-)

  5. The makeup goes really well with her hair!

  6. OMFG - her hair is goddamn amazing. Her makeup is fantastic. You are phenomenally talented. (small voice: why can't you live closer so you can help me with *my* hair. pout, pout.)

  7. hi there again, we gave you an award, so check out our blog!!/Azure


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