Sunday, January 24, 2010

When your Fifteen...

Have you ever wanted to go into the past and be yourself with the knowledge you have now? I would have done so many things differently, but at the same time I'm not sure if I'd change a thing. When I was fifteen I was a fledgling Goth who had a massive want to be Death from the famous Sandman comic books. I even wore the little swirls around my eyes with the same happy go lucky attitude as her. As I got older I began to grow out of the gothic style. I believe it had something to do with being fired from my first job at Hot Topic hee-hee. I wish I could find my bondage pants and snap on the ole' wrist bands again but I don't have the proper shoe wear any more. :(
This look I did was based on my teen years, also try to imagine me with braces on when you see my cheese-tastic grin. I guess my fiancee found something he liked in this. We met when I was seventeen, I still wore make-up like this with my huge bondage pants. Gah, I have no idea what he saw in me! Hee hee boys are silly.
What I used:
Thick foundation ( some random liquid one I found.)
Nyx blush pinky ( Yes I wore it that heavy and brightly.)

H.I.P. Color Stick in gold ( Applied heavily, though I didn't know much about bases when I was that young.)
E.L.F. eyeshadow Quad in silver lining ( The gray on the lid and the cream color as the high light.)
Nyx eyeshadow Black ( In crease, winged out, not blended at all. :3)
Almay Liquid eyeliner black ( To make the swirl and to line lower lash line.)

Estee Lauder lipstick Candy ( Applied with a heavy hand.)

I had fringe when I was fifteen thus the folded up hair. Fringe makes me look like I'm ten years old lol!!!

What did you look like when you were fifteen? This is my challenge to you! Do the best impression of yourself at that age or post an actual picture of you at that age on your own blog. :d
Love ya'll!


  1. No, I believe things happen that shape us into who we are today. If our past was different, we'd be much different. Although I'm sure there are some things we could do differently that might not be so bad to do without. But we can't change a thing anyway!

    I was considered "Goth" in high school and the only "goth girl" but I don't consider that at all, I was a PIB and still am. I had long dark red or purple hair and wore all black. BUT like I said on one of you other posts, I wore minimal makeup compared to what I wear today. Although what I did wear was dark. I'm tempted to look at old photos...and post them for all to see! Mwahahaaaa!
    I'm off to go look for old me...I'm scared...

  2. I can't wait to see the pictures of you! Oh memories!


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