Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Good Witch (October 11,2012)-Ootd

Dress:Torrid (Similar Cut)  Cami:Dots  Sweater: Lane Bryant  Boots: Kohls (Similar)  Cuff: Hot Topic Bracelet: Craft Store  Necklace: Gift 

This outfit was fun to wear, I felt really cute. I wish I could say I loved the dress but it's a bit to big on me now. The sweater adds definition without weighing the dress down. (Plus it kept me warm.) I'm not usually a hat person but damn is that hat awesome. I found it at a craft store of all places. I need at least four more of these hats in different colors so I can wear them with everything.
My friend loved this outfit. She said I looked like a kindergarden teacher that was actually a witch. She then went on to develop a whole story where I taught the children of my class how to call faeries and perform magic through dance. That's what you get for hanging out with writers all day long.
So whatcha think of this outfit? Boho or no go?


  1. ADORABLE. I wish I could pull off berets, you wearing one is exactly how I PICTURE myself rocking it, and instead I look like an egg :3

  2. Awesome, I LOVE the cute, snoody hat on you!

  3. Cute! The colours in the floral print are fabulous on you!!

  4. Daaaaamn, grrrl! I LOVE this outfit! I want all of it. Especially the hat - it is the perfect slouchy hat! You look fan-fucking-tastic!


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