Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Birthday Cake-FOTD

One shouldn't spend their birthday night curled into a little ball on ones bed because of a crippling stomach ache. Oh no. Alright... actually I need to start writing about more positive things. This is not livejournal this is blog spot! In much better news it looks like things are getting taken care of via the stalking/harassing problem. I'm really happy! This means he could be moved off the floor. Julia isn't as afraid as she was before. We still walk together because he's still frightening for some one to deal with by themselves.On Friday we went to a henna party the building was hosting.It was nice to get away from the drama and just have fun. We each were given a tube full of henna to play with. I'm not good at making intricate designs but I did have fun playing with it.
Today has been an ok day. This weekend my fiance is coming to celebrate my birthday with me. We're going to go some where nice for dinner or walk around down town Kent. The best present will be to see him since I have to stay the weekend because of finals. I'm lucky I only have finals in two classes. The one is online which makes it ten times easier for me.

What I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (OMG ALMOST OUT! AH!)
Fyrinnae e/s in Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat (My favorite purple/pink used on the lid, layered with P.E. twice. Then used on the lower lash line with a lot of P.E. :D)
Fyrinnae e/s in Parental Advisory (Shimmery blue based purple put in the crease.)
Fyrinnae e/s in French Vanilla Shake
Urban Decay Heavy Metal eyeliner in Distortion (Used as a gel base for...)
Aromaleigh Rocks! Glitter in Masquerade ( Used to line the upper lid.)
Milani eyeliner in black

Morgana Cryptoria lipstick in Azalea Blue

I actually layered the Pixie Epoxy over the shadow for this look. Brian (of Cosmetic Viking) was the one who came up with the idea. It worked amazingly well and it hasn't creased yet! :D


  1. Twinkle Twinkle is so freaking pretty! That's my favorite type of purple, with that slightly warm tint.
    Stalker stuff---it's awesome that things are finally getting taken care of. Situations like that are scary as hell, and it's so important for schools to take it seriously.

  2. Pretty!

    I'm sorry you didn't feel good on your birthday. I didn't either, I had one of those wonderful three-day-headaches.

  3. i think this is my favorite look of yours

  4. So glad to hear something is being done about the stalking/harassment! Its about time! How fun you got a whole tube of henna to play you! You are going to have to post some designs you do with it! You are very creative and talented, I'm sure you will come up with something cool! And what a pretty look! I especially love the glitter liner!

  5. What? Stalking? Harassment? Yikes missy, I'm glad things are getting better now!

    Might we ever see what beautiful designs you made with the henna? ;]

  6. That's gorgeous! I sometimes layer PE for liner, but I've never done it over the whole lid before and now I wanna! Azalea Blue looks aaaaawesome as well!

  7. I love the glitter liner ^___^ so pretty and sparkly and just noms. I'm glad the stalking issue is getting fixed too :)

  8. Yaaaay I'd knew you'd be glittery on your birthday :3 LOVE!!!


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