Thursday, December 16, 2010

Falsies-Experimental Look

I put the false lashes on backwards. HOW DO YOU DO THAT? Apparently only I can. I bought these for the faerie series but I wanted to test them out first. I have terrible luck with lashes, or so I thought. These are actually really amazing. They were a lot easier to manage than the heavy Chinese/Korean false lashes I have. I'm thinking of buying a thicker pair or a "prettier" pair for those extra glittery looks. Does anyone recommend any good e-stores to buy lashes from?
I tried to do an Emilie Autumn Enchant era look today but it just didn't seem to be working for some reason. I even bought the Nyx Cream Glitter palette just for that purpose. Sadly the cream glitters suck. I mean they suck as hard as dollar store glitter cream shadows. I'm really disappointed I spent six dollars on them. I think I'm taking them in tomorrow and trading them. Ugh. I seem to have no luck with glitter. I think I'm just going to have to do the look without glitter.
I don't really like this look very much, it's to simple for me. I have seen a lot of girls work this look though so maybe it's just not me. I think the black eyeliner under the white is what's driving me crazy. Next time I do a look like this I'm putting black in the crease. (Oh and putting the lashes on correctly lol.)

What I used:
Hard Candy Concealer Palette
Stila Tinted Moisturizer
Estee Lauder Blush Palette Bronzer (Used to contour the face.)
Nyx Blush in Pinky (Cause my Mocha broke and died. D:)

Nyx Jumbo e/s pencil in Cottage Cheese (On the brow bone and crease.)
Nyx Jumbo e/s pencil in Milk (On the lid and waterline.)
Random matte white (Used all over the lid.)
Milani eyeliner in black
Random black e/s (Used to line the lower lash line.)
Salon Perfect Lashes 28
Rimmel Mascara (Can't remember the name atm but it sucks. D:)

Random Dark Pink Lip liner
Estee Lauder Lipstick in Candy

Tomorrow I'm going to try and put these things on the RIGHT way. P.s. I have a very special post coming up.


  1. It's amazing how a few falses lashes change your eye area... and you look really pretty in those photos :)

  2. I think you look very pretty! I love what the falsies do for your eyes.

  3. I think you look nice!
    I prefer demi lashes, and you can buy them at Sally's Beauty Supply.

  4. Wow! These are awesome! They make your eyes looks so huge! And you did a great job applying them!

  5. I think you look amazing.

    My favorite lashes are either Ardell or Andrea, I buy them at Sally's beauty. If they don't have demis (also my favorites) I just buy the full pairs and cut them up so they're comfortable. Best lash glue is DUO. :)

  6. I like how you did the liner, your eyes look huge! The lashes themselves look awesome, too. I like like like!

    But I warn you, you will spend hours oogling over all the pretteh. There are COLOURED INDIVIDUAL ONES!! And wicked gold glitter covered ones. They may even have the Fright Night Pixie Dust glitter set I bought but too scared to use cuz I dunwanna waste em :(

  8. THEY.LOOK.SO.PRETTY.ON.YOU *hyperventilates* you look like a doll!

    I've only bought lashes from BFTECosmetics before, but I've been eyeing up AllCosmeticsWholesale since their selection is quite nice too :D

  9. Whoa! These look so gorgeous on you (even backwards)!


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