Sunday, December 12, 2010

The World of Faerie: Pookah

Mistakenly I left my huge faerie book at home. So I am left with wikipedia to tell you what a pookah or puca is. I often get the pookah mixed up with a Kelpie but there is a huge difference between the two. Though the both come in the shape of horses the kelpie kills and eats humans while the pookah tries to lead them away from danger or give them advice. The pookah can shape shift into a goat or a dog but they remain black with red eyes.
I decided start this series because frankly there just isn't enough faerie on this blog. I'm going to try and do as many faeries as I can from all over the world. There are a SHIT TON of different types so don't expect this to ever be over haha. There might even be some monster make-up thrown in for the scary flesh eating fae. If you guys have any requests for faeries you like to see done just put them here or on my facebook.

What I used:
Hard Candy Concealer Palette
Fyrinnae Mineral Foundation in Opal
NYX Blush in Mocha
Coyt Powder (To highlight.)

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Fyrinnae e/s in The Witche's Brewery (Black with red sparkles used on the lid.)
Fyrinnae e/s in Glitterboi (Shimmery/glittery blue based purple used on the corner of the eye.)
Evil Shades e/s in Heartless Queen (Blue based red used in the crease.)
Morgana Cryptoria e/s in Twinkling Cherries (Yellow Based red used over Heartless to add dimension.)
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean (Used on the waterline and lower lash line then blended.)
Fyrinnae e/s in French Vanilla Shake (Used to highlight of course.)
Milani eyeliner in black (To line the top of the lid.)
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara

Black Lip gloss

I was going to have a small haul post for ya'll but my fiance forgot the package he was suppose to bring me on Saturday. I'll be home for break really soon but right now finals are consuming my life. I should be working on my poetry stuff right now but I needed a small creative break. :D Good luck on your finals if you're a student like me. If you're not a student stay warm. If you live in a warmer climate I'm extremely effing jealous it's cold as balls here. *shivers*


  1. :O Love it! You look hot with black lipstick :D

  2. POOKAH.
    I just yelled that out loud.

    This is pretty. You work that bold lip <3

  3. **oh and I forgot to mention. Today it was in the high 80s. I'M NOT KIDDING. We ran around in shorts + tshirts and sweated like crazy. Southern Californian Decembers are so stupid.

  4. HOLY SHIT SON you look badass with black lips! And omg I want to steal the eye look so bad :D well maybe the whole look actually haha

  5. HA! I'm always a pookah when I play Changeling! ^^
    Though I'm a horrible liar I find them playful and fun! :D

  6. I always remember that kelpies are water creatures (like kelp, seaweed) and pookahs are dry land. I love the look!

  7. Love it! That's awesome. I haven't thought about World of Darkness' Changeling in a long time.

  8. Ooooh, I LOVE the idea of more faerie! Moar, moar, moar plz!

  9. What a fun, beautiful look! And very interesting to learn about faeries! Good luck on your finals!

  10. Holy shit, you look HOT! with black lips. What lipgloss is that, that it's so fantastically pigmented?! Because I need it.


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