Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stick With Me Kid, You'll Go Far-fotd

"Stick with me kid I'll make you the bees knees, the Cats pajamas! Every man in town will be bending to your will as you shimmy into town."
Today I jumped into the car to grab some lunch with my fiance and brother, once I was settled my brother tossed me a box. I thought it was my Darling Girl order but that didn't make much sense to me since it was just shipped yesterday from Texas. I opened it and to my surprise two perfect lip sticks were waiting inside. Kathy EFFIN' Jacobs had sent me ANOTHER gift! This time I didn't cry but I did give a shriek of happiness. When I swatched the lipsticks on my hand my brother looked back in amazement. "Dude, that's orange as balls." He said excited for me. YES! My first orange lipstick! Along with Bee's Knees (the orange) Kathy had sent me Totally Tubular which is a dupe of Mac's Candy Yum Yum. (A lipstick I have been lusting after for MONTHS.) Thank you Kathy, you give the best just because gifts. I really have to find a way to repay you for you're awesomeness.

What I used:

Detrivore e/s in Resistance (My favorite dark brown applied to the outer corner and crease. Also blended onto the second half of the lid as well as the lower lash line.)
Wet n Wild Vanity palette
-Tan brown blended into the crease up to the brow's inner corner a bit like a c shape.
-sparkly ivory used on the inner corner of the lid and the first half of the lid
-Matte brown blended into the outer crease and towards the lid.
-Golden sparkly brown used in the crease and up to the brow's inner corner.
Wet n Wild cream eyeliner in black (Applied with a sharpened eyeliner pencil.)
Almay liquid eyeliner in black

Morgana Cryptoria lipstick in Bee's Knees

I actually tried a look nearly identical to this look yesterday, except I didn't use eyeliner on my top lash. I really liked how it turned out the first time so I did it again after Wendy suggest a brown cut crease. This is kind of a cut crease, it's very subtle and blended. I'm going to be trying this look with a few different colors tomorrow afternoon. :)


  1. Dude this is awesome! I love Bees Knees and it looks fucking awesome on you!

  2. Bees Knees looks fantastic on you! You are so rocking the orange lips!

  3. I love love LOVE "Totally Tubular"!!! One of my favorite lipsticks, hands down!! Next FOTD you post must include it. #demanding

  4. Awwww.... how sweet of Kathy! Love the eye look! And you rock the orange lips!

  5. LOL @ "Dude, that's orange as balls."

    Bees Knees looks AWESOME on you and I love how you contour your inner corner/side of your nose. :)

  6. Ahhh lovely look! Bees Knees is gorgeous on you! :)

  7. Bee's Knees looks freaking amazing on you!!! I don't think I've actually worn mine yet - wasn't sure what to put with it. Maybe I will just steal your brown look and try it out myself. Muahahahah.

    And lady, you're so very welcome! And pretty damn good at 'just because' gifts, yourself! Thank you for the Darling Girl - I *did* wear Pumpkin King over the weekend (although didn't take pics cos it was just the lippie, and not a full face, and was too busy playing D&D to take pics) - and it is LOVELY! So thank you, thank you, thank you! Yay for orange lippies!


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