Friday, September 9, 2011

Upside Down Smokey-Fotd/Make-up Heros

Recently the Make-up Heroes decided to reproduce Marlena of Make-up Geek fame recent look the upside down smokey eye. It was a straight forward look that we all thought was pretty and could be emulated then tweaked to fit our own eye shape. I stupidly forgot to mention in the video anything about eye shapes. Derp on my part! As you can tell my eye shape is a bit of a rounded almond. The edges of my lower lash line point upwards so making the smoked out lower lash line into a nearly cat eye made my eyes appear wider and sexier. I did deepen the crease a bit because my crease is not as defined as Marlena's I like having definition so my eyes don't look to flat. I think the next time I try this look I will use teal, I bet it'd look fantastic.

What I used:

Wet n Wild Vanity Palette (The ivory used on the whole lid. The sandy tan used to contour the crease. Plus the shimmery ivory dotted onto the inner corner of the lid.)
Wet n Wild Dark Brown eyeliner (Applied to the lower lash line.)
Detrivore cosmetics e/s in Resistance (Beautiful dark brown applied along the lower lash line.)
Wet n Wild cream eyeliner in black

Nyx Round lipstick in Peach (Not a peachy color at all. More so a pretty berry color.)

I wore this to school since I was running a bit late for class. I was compliment by the girl sitting next to me who usually sees me bare faced. My fiance even liked it, he always surprised when I wear easy/neutral looks. I guess he's used to my colors hee-hee.


  1. I totally missed where we were talking about this... But it's on my list to get done for MUH's!

    This is fabulous for you by the way! :D

  2. Beautiful look! I need to go check out the MUH. I haven't done that recently! Your skin looks flawless btw!

  3. Eeeee, lovely! Peach with your eye colour is really beautiful.

  4. Love upside down smokeys, you look really good!

  5. I've never heard of that style of makeup being referenced as "upside-down smokey eye", but I totally get it. Very cool, also very flattering. I always deepen my crease as well since mine isn't super pronounce, either!

  6. Ooooh, I like what you did! The slight wing really suits your eye shape.

  7. Gorgeous! And I love how it emphasizes your eye shape!


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