Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Crescent Dragon-fotd

Yesterday I was looking for something that I hadn't done before. And I realized I hadn't done an eyeshadow used as liner in a while. A year or so ago I did a lot of looks like this using Aromaleigh's Lost in Faerie collection which was my favorite. So I dug through a few Aromaleigh samples I hadn't used in a while and tossed this look together. I had written a story to go along with the look but as I got into writing it I realized it was way to long to post on my blog. Once I'm done writing it I'll post it on my poetry blog for you guys to read.

What I used:

Aromaleigh e/s in Crescent (A shimmery haunting yellow used on the lid.)
Aromaleigh e/s in Binary (Soft, new leaf green used in the crease.)
Detrivore e/s in Harpy (A lovely pink based purple wet lined along the lash line.)
Aromaleigh e/s in Milky Way (Perfect cool cream used to highlight.)
Nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Milk (Used on the waterline.)

Unknown brand in Fire Shine

Tomorrow my friend Natalie and I are going to pick up my best friend Heather from Bowling Green. I'm really excited to see her since it's been a few weeks. Where we live is on one side of Ohio and where her school is on the other side. We could probably drive thirty minutes longer and get to Michigan when we are in Bowling Green. So I may not be tweeting or blogging this weekend so I can spend time with my BFF's. What was the longest you went without seeing your BFF? Mine was three months, boy was that hard.


  1. I would have never thought that sort of pink would rock as a liner with green, but you have proven me wrong. It's really cute together :) Good to hear you get to see your BFF soon! A month is probably the longest I've been away from close friends. :) The internet makes it *way* easier to keep in touch now though.

  2. i am totally going to steal this look some day, I love the eyeliner with the green!!!

  3. I am totally stealing this look, the pink is badass against the yellow :3 Have fun with your friends!

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  5. Wow this look is beautiful! The pink liner among the yellow and green stands out very nicely :) very cute!

  6. Neat look! The pink eyeliner is such an awesome creative touch!


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