Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Karmic Bongos-fotd

Also known as In Which She Applies Her Lipstick Like a Fool a-yup. My Mother let me borrow her small digital camera since mine is busted. It doesn't take very good close up shots like my camera does so I was a bit miffed when all the close ups of my eye make-up came out blurry. That's why I did mostly full faced, half closed eye pictures.
I drew this look up in class while I was waiting for the teacher to set up. I doodled several more eye charts that I really liked. Apparently my groove is on it's way back. Usually I'm at my "artistic peek" in Autumn. It's very odd. I used several of my under used Hi-Fi cosmetics eyeshadow samples. I'm sad to say that I haven't bought from Hi-Fi in a while because I am a lunatic. My samples are kinda old so I may end up giving them away to justify buying more. We shall see.

What I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Fyrinnae e/s in Shinigami (A plummy-black based purple patted on the lid. Pat this color do not blend otherwise it will turn blacker then purple.)
Hi-Fi cosmetics e/s in Things That Cannot Speak (A plum purple blended into the inner crease.)
Hi-Fi cosmetics e/s in Living Large (A pinky-purple my fav, gently blended into the crease.)
Fyrinnae e/s in Mischief Makers (A cool toned sheer silver/white used to highlight.)
Fyrinnae e/s in Snow Bunny (A sheer lovely lilac blended into the inner corner.)
Wet n Wild Liquid eyeliner in pen in black (Meh.)
Wet n Wild cream eyeliner in black
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Flipside (Used on the lower lash line.)

Morgana Cryptoria Totally Tubular (Rubbed on the lips by an idiot.)

I have more looks drawn out that I can't wait to try. Maybe a few Star Trek looks are coming too! Who knows!
What would you guys like to see? More looks of a certain type? More special effects make-up artistry? I'd really love some feedback!


  1. I think the next time I do an eye makeup look, I'll have to do one inspired by you. I always do very rounded shapes and never really go for a angled, winged eye makeup look. I definitely need to break out of that box every now and then and YOU will be my muse for that. <3

  2. Excuse me while I salivate all over this look and add it to my looks-I-have-to-copy tumblr! the colour combo is perfect and I LOLed at 'Rubbed on the lips by an idiot' since I think your lipstick looks fine XD

  3. The photos still look great, I think this look is really nice! Love the purple with the pop of contrast under the lashline, you look ace

  4. I love this look! I wish I could pull off a dark purple like that without looking ridiculous. But purple and teal together are an awesome combo. Your lips look fine, too.

  5. i loooove the eye look, especially the top colors. gorgeous

  6. love this one, they are colours I usually wear together :D

  7. I like that you used a kind of 80's color combo (purple-teal-pink) without it actually looking 80's.
    Star Trek makeup hells yes. I love seeing themed makeup that isn't strictly for a costume.

  8. Awesome! I love Flipside with all of the purples.


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