Thursday, February 24, 2011

Colbat Dragonfly-Arabic Inspired Look

Yaaaay! I did this one Monday after I couldn't sleep. I wanted to wait to post this since I haven't been wearing much make-up. :D

What I used:

Nyx Jumbo e/s pencil in Purple
120 palette-
-dark blue (Used on the lid and lower lash line.)
-Charcoal black (Used in the crease.)
-Silvery sheer color (Used on the inner corner to blend the black.)
-Sheer creamy white (Used to highlight.)
Milani eyeliner in black (Upper lash line, lower lash line and waterline.)
Nyx Eyeliner in Extreme Blue (Used to make the lower lash "line".)
Nyx Glitter in Disco Ball (Used on the inner corner of the eye and between the V shape the upper and lower eyeliner designs make.)

Nyx Round Lipstick in Circe

Alright people I'm going to my first BIG college party. I don't plan on drinking much since I won't be able to eat if they don't have meat free pizza there. Not to mention I can't handle booze at all. -.-


  1. Wow! This look is intense, it really works for you.
    Have fun at the party! I cannot handle booze either.

  2. Oh my god you are so gorgeous. This look is amazing, I love the little blue wing coming out.

  3. is looks really hot on you. i hope you wore it out for all to see and i hope you do this more often. ps - the captcha i had to type was, 'matahtahs' hahaha

  4. This is gorgeous. Smoky looks are beautiful with your features.

  5. Amazing!!! I love the silver in the corners especially - it does remind me of a dragonfly. So pretty!

  6. OMG I love the lower lashline, glitter and the wings :D stunning!


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