Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Take Me Home You Sexpot!-fotd

Ah yes the typical Valentine's Day date look. Something sweet and soft that still screams "YEAH BABY YEAH!" Like some horrible English stereotype from the 60's. I like V-day personally because I believe in one true loves, romantic soul connections, etc. I realize that most people consider it a Hallmark holiday but it certainly does feel nice to get a present on a random day. (Besides my birthday and X-mas that is.) My fiance however isn't that romantic. He likes doing surprising me with small things like maybe a nice dinner on occasions but when a holiday like this comes around he drags his feet. Thus leaving me to do much of the romancing. I don't mind this because I like giving him flowers or taking him out. He does so many nice things for me why not pay him back?

What I used:

Sobe Botanicals Stick It
Sobe Botanicals e/s in Sexpot (Soft cupcake pink used on the lid. LOVE this color!)
Sobe Botanicals e/s in Sugar Plum Fairy (Soft medium purple used in the crease.)
Wet N Wild Elf Palette (To Highlight the brow bone and inner eyelid.)
Milani eyeliner in Black
Almay Liquid Liner in Black
Curled Lashes

High Voltage Lip Whip in She's got the look

Alright I promise I'll do an Anti-Vday look for you too. I'm thinking of a big black heart over my eye while using greens and blues on the other eye. I still have to do a facechart or a sketch of it first. Do you guys do face charts or write down the combos you want to try?


  1. The lid colour is gorgeous! I sometimes do face charts, but more for crazier looks than everyday ones. Hmmm, maybe I should do an Anti-Valentines! I love the sound of yours.

  2. Very pretty, love the lips! I never do face charts, but then I generally just mess around with my makeup :p

  3. I like the look, it's quite soft but really pretty :)

  4. I love it. :P Sexpot is so pretty! I've never done a face chart before, but I might for a more abstract/artistic look. I thought about doing one for the sugar skull look, but got lazy. :)


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