Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hazel Eyed Girl-Cassie

This is Cassie she's from Connecticut she's here at Kent to get her degree in Math then she's going to teach. Usually math majors and English majors are sworn enemies but she and I became friends quickly. She's very calm and almost zen like. When I had darker hair still we constantly got mistaken for each other. :D

What I used:

Sobe Botanicals Stick It
120 Palette
-Light soft pink (Used on the lid.)
-Soft pink purple used in the crease.)
-Medium blue/purple (Used to darken the crease.)
-Silvery Shimmery White (Used to highlight the brow bone.)
-Yellowy sheer shimmer (Used to highlight the inner corner of the lid to bring out the green in her eyes.)
-Lilac (Used on the lower lid.)
NYX Yellow Eyeliner (Used on the water line again to bring out the green in her eyes.)
Wet N Wild Liquid Liner in Plum

I'm sorry this post is so short I haven't really been in the mood to blog lately. D: (Mostly because I've been running around on my two days off from school.)
Tomorrow I'll have two better posts.


  1. What Peach said! Also, I love that second pic - so delightfully minx-y!


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