Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Find Me In the Snow-fotd

I wore this on Tuesday actually! I just haven't found the time to type. We had two days off from school because of the nasty storm that made the roads and sidewalks impossible to walk on. Before the storm hit Monday night I made a huge decision to change my life. I decided to go Vegetarian. Before you insight a riot(I say this because my veg friends keep fighting with my none veg friends...on facebook...*sigh*) let me explain the reasons why I went veg. Because meat makes me ill. I've had to many bad burgers, chicken wings, and even healthy meats turn on my stomach. I just can't take getting sick from eating it. I may go back so day but right now I made this choice.
So far it's been ok. I do feel a little bit nervous about going home this weekend. I tried going veg when I was in my early teens and my parents HATED the idea. I'm not sure if they'll like me asking them to bring home Bocca burgers. The funny thing is I know my parents will support me I just get nervous. >.< If you have any advice you'd like to give me I'd really love to hear it. Even if you aren't a vegetarian

What I used:

Sobe Botanicals Stick It
Sobe Botanicals Nymph-o ( Aqua with dashes of silver shimmer used on the lid.)
Sobe Botanicals Pacific (Slate blue used in the crease.)
Wet N Wild Dark Elf Palette
-Shimmery Off White (To highlight of course.)
-Shimmery Silver (Added to the corner of the lid.)
-Shimmery Black (Blended into the outer crease to add more depth.)
NYC Liquid Eyeliner
Milani Eyeliner

High Voltage Lip Whip in She's Got the Look

I'd like to thank the lovely Lex of Sobe Botanicals for sending me these samples. They blend beautifully! And I'd also like to thank Jasmine the owner of High Voltage for being such an amazing person. *blows kisses* Actually I'd like to thank all of you amazing indie cosmetic company owners. You ladies/gents are true inspirations thank you for making our world a little bit prettier/glittery.
Love Pixie


  1. Ugh the teal is so pretty with your eye colour! I was obsessing over how pretty your lip colour is, then I realised I have it coming in the mail for me! XD

    Why did your parents hate the idea of you going vego? I was vegetarian for almost 5 years but I stopped a couple of years ago. I don't really have any advice because I never got sick or got any health problems from it, and I didn't have to take any multivitamins even though I wasn't exactly a healthy vego XD a few friends of mine got MEGA sick though when they tried it.

  2. Helen, this look is gorgeous. I'm sorry for starting a riot on your facebook! Although, I'm not going to respond anymore because I don't want to be rude. <3 You are awesome and I'm super proud!

  3. Silhouette-Thank you bb. Ooo I hope you like the colors you get. My parents don't really like the idea because I'm already anemic with a weak/bad stomach. They're afraid it will make me sicker then I already am. *shrugs*

    Emily-Aw sweetie that certainly wasn't directed at you at all. I'm not sure why people start fights about it and get all attacky. I thought it was rude that they kept fighting with you. You were sharing your opinion. I think you are awesome!

  4. This is beautiful! I love blues with brown eyes, it makes me not envy light eyes as much lol ;3

  5. I love it! It does remind me of snow, but I like that it's bluish-silvery-grey, instead of...I don't know...the sparkling white I usually see in my head when I think about winter or snow. (Which is nice, too, but this is a pretty change.)

    I love being vegetarian. One day, when I find my backbone, I'm going to go back to being vegan, but for now I'm loving cheese too much. I think it's an adjustment, for the main part. We've been vegetarians for years, and still have people ask us where we can go eat when we go out, like you can't get salads and/or french fries just about everywhere these days. (And, even better, honest to goodness vegetarian entree options!) And it's not that hard for people to get used to, they just don't know that yet because they've never tried it themselves before. It *is* frustrating when people give you crap for it out of the blue, because you're not asking *them* to change, you're just doing it for yourself. I think probably in that case, your best support is to remind them that you *are* doing this for your health, among whatever other reasons. How is someone who's friends with you going to argue with that? "Gee, Pixie, that's great and all, but you being veggie isn't in line with my view of how things should be, so you'll just have to keep on with the stomach pain, etc." Just stress that it's not a judgment on them, it's a personal thing, and you *feel better because of it*. And then tell anyone who can't get with that, that I'll come punch them, because Pixie deserves to feel good and healthy! ;)


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