Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Oh hai long time no post! School has been HELL these last few weeks. Keeping up can be hard but falling behind makes it harder. My friend Brandon says once you're behind you are behind for the rest of the semester. >.<
Here's what I used in my hair. (Manic panic hair dyes are vibrant but they wash out fast. If you plan on using Manic panic make sure to only wash your hair once every other day or maybe three days out of the week.)
-Manic panic's Hot Hot Pink (used on my pre-lightened streak.)
-A base of conditioner mixed with a small bit of Manic panic's wildfire and hot hot pink with a larger amount of special effects hair dye in cherry bomb. (I spread this mixture all over my hair then let it sit all night.)
Do you like dying your hair? What color should I dye my little streak next? I love you guys thank you for staying with me. I will be making a posts more often now that mid-terms are over.


  1. aw. this is super cute! I look awful with red hair.. but you pull it off awesome! I actually just dyed my hair also...if u wanna check it out! http://mrskittykaboom.blogspot.com/2011/03/black-blue.html

    :D Good luck with your studies hun!

  2. LOVE IT! Please come to SC and dye my hair!!


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