Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twiggy-Wearing Pink for Eric Mohat

It's been four years since my friend Twiggy killed himself because he was bullied. Eric "Twiggy" Mohat was the most talented person I knew. He could play the piano, sing, dance and could tell jokes like no other. I know I've written about him before because his death influenced me so much. He was so bright, such a star I hate to think that other creative, talented teens could kill themselves because of bullying.
Please, if you know someone who is being bullied or if you are the one being bullied tell someone. Tell an adult especially one you can trust. If you have a favorite teacher tell them about your bullying. This CAN be stopped. Even if the bullying is online you need to tell someone. Report them to the site and tell your parents. They will tell school officials so the bullying is stopped.
Eric's parents have sinced sued our high school. In Twiggy's case teachers knew about his bullying but nothing was done. They allowed the torture to continue until he can't take it anymore. The day he died one of the bullies said to him "Why don't you go home and kill yourself." He did.
I think about him every day. His bullies live in regret and pain every day because they destroyed the light of a rising star. Don't let your light go out. Please seek help if you are being bullied or are thinking about suicide.
If you need help here is a suicide prevention helpline.

Thank you so much.

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  1. Beautiful post. Right on. I feel like in general, everyone (or all our youth, at least) needs an "It gets better" campaign. And we need to be way less tolerant of bullies - I just think most people take a "kids will be kids" attitude, and it's obviously far more serious than that.


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