Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dax is Pretty Hot-fotd

This isn't a Star Trek look but since we started Deep Space Nine I have developed a bit of a crush on Dax. She's kind of like the goau'ld from Stargate Sg-1 with a "snake" in her belly. (Instead of the head like in Stargate.) I like that when Dax and Kira are in the same scene they can talk about other things rather then just men. It pissed me off how in Star Trek Next Gen the women only seemed to talk about their sex lives to one another. I love Next Gen I do and I know the target audience are men but come on. COME ON. Actually I'm going to be writing an article for my friends blog about science fiction and women characters soon. If you're politically minded whether your left or right I'd love for you to check out my friend Little Isis's blog Liberal Rapture. I don't agree with everything she writes about but she's a great person to banter with.

What I used:

Fyrinnae P.E.
Fyrinnae e/s in Bali Mayan (Turquoise used on the lid.)
Fyrinnae e/s in Nori (Navy blue with teal sparkles used in the crease.)
Fyrinnae e/s in Underworld (Sheer aqua used to highlight.)
Fyrinnae e/s in Darling Misfits (Purple-pink applied on the lower lash line.)
Almay Liquid eyeliner in black
Hot Topic eyeliner in purple
L'oreal Chrome eyeliner in Violet

Fyrinnae lip luster in Lollypop-pop

I'd really like for you guys to decide what I post tomorrow. A review on the Holika Holika BB cream or another Star Trek look? Leave a comment yo!


  1. What a lovely combination of colours. You look great!

  2. I loved Jadzia. Loved Kira and Odo, too, and of course Quark...I liked DS9 in general.

    I really like this look! The purple's so subtle, you don't notice it right away, but it compliments so nicely.

    I would like to read your BB cream review, but I'd also like to see whatever look you have in store, so I'm sorry I'm of no help!

  3. Lovely! The purple on the lower lashline is just gorgeous. I can't help you decide, I like looks and I like reviews :P

  4. The way you did your inner corner is boss! And Bali Myan looks so pretty. Also... BB cream review! And Star Trek look! Hurrah!

  5. Oh, this so pretty and I am super jealous of your winged shadow. I always try that but fail. :( Might not have enough eye lid to do it. Anyway, I really love these colors together.

  6. I like the contrast between the lid and the lower lashline!

  7. Mmmm Dax. Bali Mayan is gorgeousssss... and probably not available anymore :3

  8. I love the look!! I need me some Fyrinnae!!! =)

  9. Dax is awesome - and this look is incredible! Unf!

  10. I haven't watched enough of TNG to notice that, but I did just buy all the seasons of DVD so I'll get watching soon. Hopefully I won't have to slam my head against the wall too many times XD

    In other news, this is beauuuuuutiful! I love the lid and crease colours together, and I love the shape you made with the crease. Totally sticking this in my inspo folder :)

  11. Gorgeous colour combination! I love the shape of this look.


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