Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Detrivore Haul + First Impressions

(From left to right Harpy, Mildew,Kraken,lifeless,golgotha*pictured in the first one but not the second one*, Resistance, Ashes, and Treason. )
I've been wanting to place an order with Detrivore since I first heard of them a few years ago. I'm not sure what was holding me back from ordering considering I really like the products. I order a few satin eyeshadows and a few from the regular collection. Jessi's swatches helped me pick out a few colors like Harpy and Kraken. Next time I place an order I'm getting more browns as well as a Death Valley.
The texture of the shadows remind me of Fyrinnae. A little "dry" with a good slip to them when they hit primer. I'd like to see the shadows in action with the Detrivore primer because I heard it's pretty rad. The colors look plain in the bag but applied over just a primer they are a lot more complex swatches/applied. My favorite shadows are Kraken and Resistance, you'd think it'd be Harpy but lately browns have been grabbing my attention more.
I'm defiantly going to place another order soon. I want to try the blush,the primer and the primer. The swatches of the blushes look beautiful.
You can buy these wonderful shadows here at Detrivore Cosmetics.


  1. Detrivore is one of those companies that doesn't get enough love. I have a handful of Detrivore colors and I don't reach for them very often for some reason. But I love their primer for swatching!

  2. Those shadows look amazing! I have to order some :D

  3. I need Harpy and Kraken for the names alone - it helps that they look pretty too! One of my bffs' nicknames is The Kraken so I def have to get that shade >:D thanks for ze swatches!

  4. Something is happening... I think Harpy is my favorite o_o pink, say what?!

  5. Hey! I just noticed you linked to me! Thanks! :) Does Harpy look pink or purple to you? Mine looks straight-up purple but yours is pink! Maybe it's just the difference in skintone? I like the way it looks on you better, haha.


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