Thursday, August 25, 2011

Holika Holika Clearing Petite BB Cream-Review

(Un-blended, you only need a very small amount to cover the whole face.)
(Blended into the skin, it is a bit darker then my own.)

The beauty world is a buzz with reviews of different BB creams! There are a TON of different brands that offer BB creams but I chose Holika Holika which has an adorable witch theme to their packaging. The brand has several different types of petite BB creams but I chose the skin clearing kind. I have oily skin and the cream claims to reduce sebum as well as clear the skin. It has a scent to it that I can only attribute to the Tea tree oil. I didn't like the scent but it didn't stay on the skin once applied.
The cream is a beige color that looked like it'd be to dark for me. Though the first time I blended it into my skin it looked great. It has a light coverage with a matte finish. I have ok skin with occasional break outs and discoloration on my cheeks and chin. I noticed that I didn't need concealer to hide the yellow,red and peach tones that showed through most tinted moisturizers.
If you are looking for a good tinted moisturizer I would recommend this. If you are spotty or have dark spots I would use a concealer with this. I'm sad to say that this product would not work with darker skin. Illamasqua does make a BB cream like foundation called skin base that has a wide range of colors. If you are pale like me and you are looking for a lighter coverage then you'd like this.

Coverage-3/5 (Light coverage but lovely.)
Price-1/5 ( I found it on Amazon for twelve dollars. I wish it was cheaper.)
Availability-1/5 (You will have to search the internet for this unless you live in an Asian country or live near a big city with a Asia Town.)
Do I love it?- YES!
Have you tried any BB creams from different brands?


  1. I needs me some BB creams, but I have a hard time finding darker ones!

  2. I've been staring at the Holika Holika stuff, I really want to try a few of their things! Now to figure out how to include it into our budget without the husband noticing. ;)

  3. Oooh, that looks really nice! I wish it was more available.. I'd love to try one but if I got the wrong colour I'd be so PO'd.

  4. I recently hauled this from ebay, but have not had a chance to try it yet--thanks for posting the review!

    Vi, I have the same challenge with BB Creams, the best matches I've found so far seem to be the Skinfood Red Bean BB Cream #2, Skinfood Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream #2, and Missha BB Creams shade 23. Found them on E bay for pretty good prices and many shops there carry them in sample packs ;)

  5. I'm trying the Dr Jart one. It's not quite the same color, but it's very close to my skin tone. And it seems like less of a commitment than concealer/foundation, so it's a good first step. :) I tried perfect (ironic, it's my post today) but the consistency reminded me too much of poop to take it seriously/ever consider buying it to try it. ;)

  6. I love Missha's Signature Real Complete BB Cream. I also like Missha's M Perfect Cover BB Cream, which also works really well, and comes in 5 different shades. I'm on the pale side and I use #21 now, but when winter rolls around, I will try #13,which is the palest shade.

  7. Hmmm I wonder if this would match me.....*googles*

  8. I got mine for $9.99 on ebay from this seller


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