Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sagittarius Fotd

Oops I totally forgot to post this look the other day. I've been studying for a psych test and trying to write a research paper. The paper isn't going so well it's due in a few days so I'm freaking out. I'm a lot better at writing short stories or works of fiction not research papers. Meh.

What I used:

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Concealer
Fyrinnae Mineral Foundation In Quartz
Nyx Blush in Mocha

Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Fyrinnae Digital Faerie ( A complex teal used just on the lid with a flat brush.)
Hi-Fi eyeshadow in Live Large ( A pink based purple used on the crease and blended.)
Hi-Fi eyeshadow in Things that Cannot Speak ( A dark magenta used over Live Large to darken the crease into a deeper purple.)
Nyx Liquid Eyeliner Pen in Extreme Black
Urban Decay Zero ( upper and lower lash line as well as water line.)

Nyx Lipstick in Tea Rose

What do you think of this look? Also do you know how to deal with school related stress? This is my last semester at my local Community College before i decide to go to a big school like Kent or OSU. So I'm freaking out a teeny bit. Haha


  1. You know I love any look with Digital Faerie.
    As far as stress is concerned, hot baths are how I like to decompress. I'm under a lot of stress with work, so I'm also trying to ride my bike to blow off some steam as well.

  2. Good luck with your paper :( I'm under a tonne of uni-related stress too, I have a bunch of group assignments to write

    *pats you on the head*

  3. Such a pretty look!

    Hm, me giving advice on how to handle stress - that's pretty rich. But what has worked for me in the past is to actually schedule break time and treat it like an unbreakable appointment. Even like 5-15 minutes seems to help keep my brain fresh and not hypnotized by whatever I'm working on.


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