Friday, April 23, 2010

Wealth Beyond Reason FOTD

My day has been full of Lady pains brought on by...well you get the idea. It's a bit shameful to spend your day rolling around on the floor clutching your stomach but I'm afraid that's all I can do when I have Nuclear Powered Cramps of DEATH. Also known as N.P.C.D. yup.BUT this blog was not just meant for make-up and complaining! Actually... it was just meant for make-up, I seem to do a lot of complaining don't I? Er, I'll try and keep the angst to a minimum from now on lads and lasses. I have a livejournal for said overly person bits.
Today my friends and I planned to go to Bounce ( our local Gay club) to get our boogie on. I wanted to use shadows that I knew would catch the light. I had hoped to use glitter but I suck at applying it so I just went with gold, bronze, and plum. They're all so lovely together. :3

What I used:
Neutorgena Mineral sheers Concealer kit
Nyx Blush in Pinky

Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Hi-Fi cosmetics eyeshadow in Dirty ( A gold applied on the lid and blended into the crease.)
Hi-Fi cosmetics eyeshadow in Wanted ( A bronze/copper used on the outer crease, blended inwards.)
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Samhain Spirits ( A gold flecked plum blended into the middle of the crease.)
Fyrinnae eyeshadow in Nijiro ( as a highligher.)
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in 1999 ( used on upper lash line and lower lash line.)
H.I.P. Chrome eyeliner in Metallic Gold ( Used on the water line to make this look completely black free.)

Random Berry Colored lipstick that's rather dry
Nyx Round Lipstick in Peach

Also I love Matt Smith. I really do. I have accepted him as the Doctor just because he tricked the new daleks with a cookie. Hee hee


  1. Love golds and bronzes, so I LOVE this <3 bahhh I'm having period pains too, though not on a nuclear scale :(

  2. I love warm colours like these, they look great! I know what you mean about glitter, it looks so darn pretty but is such a pain to apply and remove!
    Hope your NPCD stops annoying, at least we've got makeup to make us happy! :)

  3. Ugh I know JUST what you mean! If I'm not on birth control, my cramps have me doubled up on the ground. I usually don't work then. I hope you had fun at the club, I love going to gay clubs.

  4. silhouette- Thank you! And ffffffffff I fucking hate being a lady some days.

    Marce- Thankfully they stopped after seven straight hours of hell. Ugh. And thank you! Yeah for some reason make-up makes me feel a little better.

    Dominique- My friend says that too! She never used to get cramps until she went on birth control. I can't do anything on my period either, just lay around moaning. It's very lady like lol.

  5. Stunning, i love the bronzey goldy eye look!
    Poor you, hope your lady pains are better by now! I usually get some cramps but i have worse symptoms which i will not discuss in public <:P

  6. Lillian- Thank you so much! Haha I'm a very tmi person so I like to talk about gross things that really shouldn't be shared. Boo for worse symptoms! >.<

  7. I love this color combo on you! I don't have a lot of metallics in my shadows, so I think I tend to overlook them, but I need to stop that.

    I must be a week behind you in DW watching - I haven't seen this cookie trick yet. And I'm anxiously awaiting River Song.

  8. Kathy- River Soooonnnngggg I loathed her during Silence in the Library but that just could be my extreme jealousy. Hee hee now that I'm over it I'm excited to see how bad ass she could be.
    Also omg cookie trick/Jammy Dodger trick! is amazing!

  9. Oooh, lovely and shiny! I love the slightly "dirty" Dirty shade, dirty golds make my heart pound.
    I hope your cramps'll go away. Eat chocolate or something you like. It won't make the pain go away but it'll make you feel a bit better :)


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