Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I was bored ok? Since I dropped my logic class my work load has diminished. I am starting a new Personal Finance Class this week but it's online. I've already finished two of the three assignments whilst I was doing this. I never realized how happy doing make-up makes me. I've been doing my friends make-up almost three times a week. Since I outed myself as an uncertified make-up artist the girls on the floor have been coming to me at every hour. I really enjoy it because I'm getting to try out different things on different eye shapes. What's especially funny to me is that when they ask for extreme make-up it's the make-up I wear every day. They always say to me "Oh my god it's so intense. I'd never wear this much eye make-up."

Burnt Girl:
I start of with a clean face, than I cover my brow. Liquid latex can rip off hair so please cover your brow before applying liquid latex.
A layer of liquid latex on my bare skin, then another. On the third layer I start applying the tissue paper. There are at least two layers of tissue paper plus liquid latex. I applied one layer of toilet paper on my eye, don't apply the liquid latex on your eye. The fumes around my eye were enough to make them water, I can only imagine how much worse it is actually on the eye. Paint accordingly with blacks, pinks and reds then Bob's your uncle. (Rip off gently if you want to use this again. Do not wash it off!)

One-Eyed Girl:
After ripping off the first application I cleaned off my face. (Well duh... there was crap all over it.) Happily cover your brows again so you don't rip off your eyebrow hairs. Apply one layer of liquid latex around your eye and add toilet paper over top. Apply a second layer of liquid latex, wait till it dries and use the Ben Nye Burn and Injury wheel for the nasty ripped out eye effect. Since this isn't extra crispy like the burnt girl you'll want to add some fake blood. I used some coagulated blood to add the effect. Bah I should I have used the blood on the actual eye. Bah. There is always next time. :3

What do you guys think? Do you have any advice to offer for improvement?


  1. Ugh theyre both so amazing, you need to come slap liquid latex on my face and throw gore on me and I'll go into uni on an absolutely normal day and disturb everyone.


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