Saturday, October 23, 2010

Think Pink-Fotd

Mmm pink. I used to hate this color when I was younger. I was one of those girls that said to herself "No! No pink! I will skew the gender rules and pick blue as my favorite color." I avoided pink for some years until my goth stage. I realized that pink didn't have to be "girlie" or "preppy" two of my least favorite words back then. I think every one goes through those types of stages even the jocks and pretty girls. Uhm... where was I going with this? Oh yeah! I like pink now. I like her more than I like that ass hole orange. *glares*

What I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
120 Palette
-Bright Pink w/ shimmer (Used on the lid.)
-Matte Neon Pink (In the crease.)
-Darker Pink (Added on lid to add depth.)
-Metallic Black (Patted on the lid gently.)
-Slightly Purple Dark Pink (Used over black to blend.)
-Shimmery Cream (Used to blend everything out.)
Nyc eyeliner in Black
Milani eyeliner

Sally Girls Bright Pink Lipstick (Idk the name right this second.)

YAY! It's such a magnificent fall day! I dropped my Logic (Kathy I love you it's not your fault logic is hard for me.) and picked up a personal finance class. I'm actually excited for this class since I took a class similar to it in High School. It's a little boring but I'd like to handle my money with intelligence. I also want to know what to invest into in the future. Blah blah I'd better get to bed kiddies, I have to force my brother's friend into zombie make-up tomorrow.


  1. vibrant pink and purple always looks so nice !

  2. I was a pink hater until Aromaleigh. Now I love pinks. You look pretty :)

  3. Yay pink! This color is very much adorbs on you. But why the orange hate?

  4. I was a pink hater for ages because I wore pink eyeshadow to school for ages and this bitch girl was really, really, mean to me. But now fuuuuuuuck yoooooooou girl at school, I do what I wan'. You look so good in the hot pinks, its amazing what you get in those 120 palettes.

  5. I love pink, obviously, and this is a great look! (And I'm glad you're not ill with me.)

  6. Such gorgeous colours, the blending is excellent and I love the way the colour gets deeper near the lid.


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