Monday, October 25, 2010

WARNING: Gore Ahead

The dark is thick around you as you walk in the city. Every alley way looks menacing, every person a mugger. You try to shuffle your way to the subway. You know it's some where around here, it's not like you haven't walked this way before. You take this way home every day. It just looks a little different at night. You pull your coat tighter around yourself, as though it can protect you for something else other than the cold. A vent on the sidewalk hisses out steam, obscuring the view of what you thought might be the subway entrance. You try to walk through the steam but it's so thick you can barely see in front of you. The hot air causes you to blink, you squint seeing something in the distance.
It's a person with their back turned to you. It's not odd to see another human in a densely packed city you remind yourself. Than again you haven't seen anyone for several blocks. You realize it's a woman with something dripping from her hands. Your fight or flight reflexes tell you it's blood, your mind tells you she could be hurt. You call out to her she moans back you and turns to look at you.
There is something wrong with her face.
A long gash extends from her mouth to her cheek. It's thick and bloody with raw pieces of flesh hanging off. You recoil in horror. Stumbling over your clumsy feet you fall to the side walk. She runs to you, faster than you expected. You notice something else, there is blood all down her clothes, on her hands and her eyes... her eyes are dead. You try to scream but her mouth is already around your throat.

Dun.Dun. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. :3

Oh hey what did I use?
Liquid Latex (Smells like vagina. If you are a very sensitive to scents don't get this. They have a non latex like product made for a reason.)
Toilet Paper (Keeping it classy.)
Coyt Beauty powder (To set.)
Ben Nye Burn and Wound Wheel (To add depth and awesomeness to it.)
Fake Blood

Yup. That's all it took. Excuse me I has the internets to run. (Runs off to bed for sleep.)


  1. That is so awesome I could kiss you but your lips are all gross so I'll just stare! O.O

  2. Sick! I love it! (And ha at "smells like vagina.")

  3. You already know how I feel about this but LKJALKJASLDKJALSKJFLK EPIC :D and megalulz @ the vagina smell hahaha


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