Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rabbit Hearted Inspired by Florence and the Machine-FOTD

Right now I'm obsessed with Florence and the Machine. Three weeks ago I saw the music video for Dog Days and I freaked out. I couldn't get the song out of my head until I found out who it was by. After I discovered who it was by I raced around youtube playing all the songs I could find. Cosmic love, Rabbit heart, Drumming song, are just a few of my favorites right now. Florence and the Machine are the type of band I connect with, only the Brits now of her and a few people here in American love her. She's a bit like Imogen Heap in the way that her music has the ability to break through labels.
In the music video for Rabbit heart her make-up is very light and airy. I was pretty sure that she was wearing berry colored eyeshadow in the crease with a light goldish lid and muted bright pink. The video is very beautiful, a bit dark at the end but it's exactly how I pictured a faery picnic.
Aromaleigh's Wonderstruck collection was PERFECT for this look. The video and song are very Alice-esque which made this easy. I'll probably do a haul post soon explaining the surprise :D
What I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Aromaleigh Wonderstruck Collection e/s in Wonder-ous (Soft ivory gold used on the lid.)
Aromaleigh Wonderstruck collection e/s in Rule Forty Two (Lovely medium purple used in the crease.)
Aromaleigh Wonderstruck collection e/s in Temper Temper (Plum/maroon color in the corner crease and as an eyeliner.)
Covergirl Lash Blast

Fyrinnae Lip Luster in Lollypop-pop

I'll try and post some more looks, I'm sorry there has been so few lately. A few of you guys requested a fashion post but uhm... I don't wear fashionable clothes. I wear tee-shirts and jeans most of the time. I own a lot of older clothes, I am one of those girls that wears shit till they fall apart. I have a few dressy clothes and I do love fashion I just don't... wear fashionable clothes. I am in need of jeans though, I found some at gabes buuut I'm probably taking them back since they're WAY to big. I think I dropped a jean size. WOOOTNESS.
I could talk about plus sized fashion though would you ladies be interested in that?


  1. Um us Australians know of them too =S they're pretty big here though I'm not a fan.

    I'm a fan of this look, however. :) the lip colour is GORGEOUS.

  2. Florence is AWESOME!!! She's one of my favorites! It's always great to know other fans are out there. And they're working on a new album, too!

  3. Dude, hell yes to the plus sized fashion. I would love it.

    I'm also into fashion, but rarely dress fashionably. Most of the time, it's a tshirt and jeans, and I kind of look like a slob, and I *still* have a mental running commentary on other people's clothes, like, "Oh girl, NO. White pants and black underwear? Unh unh." Like it's not totally hypocritical of me. Hee.

  4. actually love ur lipstick
    come follow xoo

  5. Silhouette- Everything awesome comes to America last. *pouts* Thaaaannnkkkk yooouuu bright lips are awesome.


    Kathy-Hahaha I do that too. Here I am in patchy, falling apart jeans and an X-men tee-shirt mumbling about how leggings are needed to complete that outfit. Hey I'll start posting outfits or pointing out what works and what doesn't work for us sexy "thick" chicks.



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