Monday, October 4, 2010

Haul post of DOOM

The two eyeshadow are from High Voltage, one of them (Teenage Riot, the purple one.) I won from Cacau's contest the second (Trick or Treat the orange one.) is a gift from Jasmine the owner of High voltage. I love the colors so much, gorgeous! The little round thingie is chapstick from eos, it smells like lychee! Om nom nom. The Nyx round lipstick is in Tae and the eyeliner pencil is yellow from NYX. Sorry if this seems a bit weird, I'm in the middle of writing up several papers for class. :3

Next up is my order from Sillyfarm one of the cheapest places to find Mehron, Ben Nye and other great theater type make-up. I bought myself a blood and wound wheel, liquid latex, spirit gum and horray some fake blood. I used some of the liquid latex in my most recent theater look but it smells pretty bad. The lash glue I used to use was latex based so I wonder if it's the latex that stinks like fish.

Lastly my order from High Voltage Cosmetics!
(Going from the left to the right)
Swamp thing-Nearly black dark green
Zombie Chic-Sexy bright green I can't wait to use this!
Tombstone-Silvery gray that I was missing in my collection. I love this color.
Blood Mary-Reminds me of tomato juice and vodka om nom nom love this color.
Graveyard Dirt-This color is the perfect dark chocolate brown. Seriously it looks like Nesquick chocolate powder.
Secrets and Lies-Beautiful royal blue with a slight perwinkle shine to it.
Sugar High-Blue! A lovely darkish blue that my mom plucked out from my samples and attempted to steal.
Tree Hugger-Another bright green that's a bit greener then zombie chic.
Beauty Queen- In the realm of a sexy blue with twinkling shimmer.
Los Angeles- This reminds me of Skeptic from Meow, I love this color it's soooo amazing.
Totally Rad- HOLY GOD THE GREENY GREEN GREEN!! Eeee! I need a full sized of this.
Snyth pop- I recently used this in a look, I love this seriously beautiful.
Saint and Sinner-Shall I compare thee to a summer day? Chocolately bronze perfect!
Electric boogie- Get jiggy with this sexy purple/blue. :D
Gypsy Queen-Browny,goldy, bronzy beautiful lovelyness. :
Electric Gypsy-Plummy purple of teh sexiness

If you guys havent checked out High Voltage yet you are seriously missing out. :D


  1. Latex does smell like fish! I totally need more HV.

  2. Kittenmittens- Hee hee your enthusiasm pleases me.
    Make-up zombie- XD
    Phyrra- Hahah thanks.
    Robyn-Ah I wish it didn't smell like fish. :( And YES. YOU DO.
    Kathy- Thanks rubber duckie.

  3. High Voltage was the first indie company I ordered from. Have you tried the skin candy? Rockin Out and Baby Baby were the 2 I got and they both smell amazing!

  4. I now know where to get good deals on Kryolan and Mehron...when I can get my paypal set up. *bows at your awesomeness*


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