Friday, November 4, 2011

270 Followers Giveaway!

Ladies and Gentleman! Boys and Girls! Friends, Romans, countrymen lend me your ears. No, not your literal ears please! It has finally come. The giveaway I've been teasing you about for maybe months. I've finally gathered enough awesome stuff to give away!

The goods: (All Wet n Wild products unless mentioned otherwise.)
-Baked, Not Fried Holiday palette
-We heart mattes palette
-Dreamweaver's Bright Ideas palette
-Dreamweaver's Enter a New Realm
-Fantasy Maker Enchanting Eyes false eyelashes
-K.I.S.S. Halloween false lashes

The Rules: (Each of the numbers is one entry. This giveaway IS international)

1. You must leave a comment on my blog telling me about what you like about my blog and what you'd like to see more of. Reviews? More looks? More special effects? I'd really like to get closer to you guys and know what you'd like to see from me. This is the main entry for the contest. If you do not comment all your other entries won't count! Please comment even if it's an " I like turtles. Blog about more turtles." Don't forget to leave me your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win!
If you feel like this is too generic of a question then ask me something!

2. Follow my blog and tell me your name in the comments.

3. Follow me on twitter and tweet about the giveaway. Don't forget to @ me when you do! Please make sure to comment with your twitter name.

4. Follow me on tumblr. Please remember to comment with your tumblr name so I can find you when I confirm all the comments.

The more entries the more likely you are to win but I don't want to force anyone into following my blog if they just want to win prizes. I know some of us, including myself, have followed a blog just to get the giveaway stuff. The winning entry will be picked at random by a number generator. I will alert the winner through e-mail and through a post on my blog. I will end the giveaway in two weeks. So comment away guys!


  1. 1.My favorite thing about ur blog is how gorgeous you are =]. I think you should do more reviews tho.

    Email: zombielovrr@gmail[dot]com

    2.I follows you as MascaraMineralJunkie

    3. I follows you in tweeter as @zombielovrr and i tweeted :!/zombielovrr/status/132888059992748033

  2. My favorite thing about your blog is the looks you do -- especially your eye makeup. We have very different eye shapes and I can't pull off the same eye looks you do, but I'm very inspired by your use of colors. You do so many fun looks!

    I follow you via GFC and my name is Sam a/k/a The Tubcat.

    Also, my email address is samantha at tubcat dot net.

    I tweeted, @'d you, and here's the link, too:!/thetubcat/status/132891809394335744

    I don't have a Tumblr account, so I can't follow you that way.

    Thanks so much for doing such a neat giveaway. I've been so curious about the WnW Baked palettes.

  3. My favorite thing about your blog is your fotd's, but I really love the little stories you tell to go along with them. :) They always make me smile!

    GFC: Darling Girl Cosmetics

    twitter: @dgcosmetics!/dgcosmetics/status/132899608589381633

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  4. Love your blog! My favourite so far has been all the different looks that you do. I'd love to see some tutorials, and ooo special effects!

  5. I follow you on Twitter as: untypicallyjia

  6. I love the shape you create when you do your eyes...I tried to recreate it yesterday but I failed miserably :) So...I'd like to see some sort of tutorial for spazzes like me that can't get it right. Just keep doing what you do, you have a great blog!

    I do follow the blog and I follow it under Stephtee.

    I tweeted your giveaway. My twitter is @Astessame

    My email is simplystephtee (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. 1. I love your outspoken-ness (not a word, but hey!). I love how open you are and how much enthusiasm goes into your blog. You are so down to earth and grounded, it's pretty damn refreshing. I would love to see you do some videos; maybe tutorials or looks, or maybe just vlog type videos? I think it would make your followers feel more connected to you, or feel as though they know you better. Just saying :)

    2. I follow you via Google Reader and also have you as a friend on Google+. I follow you as 'Profound Euphoria'.

    3. I follow you on Tweeeeter as 'ProfoundUforia'. I also tweetered about you, dollface:!/ProfoundUforia/status/132919903652028416

    4. I no have Tubmlr - but if I's did I would tots follow you!

    Spanx :)

  8. 1. I love your eye looks, they are gorgeous! It would be great to see reviews, maybe even tutorials, if you have the time. I would also really like to hear about your favourite makeup brushes. :)
    My email is: ragingtuna at gmail dot com

    2. I follow you on Google Reader and Google Friend Connect - my username is ragingtuna.

    3. I follow you on Twitter as awesome_tacos
    I tweeted about your giveaway here:!/awesome_tacos/status/132968505657131008

    4. I follow you on tumblr as cupcakes-for-breakfast

    Thank you, and good luck everyone!

  9. 1. I adore all the looks you do. I would love to see a tutorial every now and then, if you're keen.
    2. I follow you via GFC and my username is olgiepolgie.

  10. New follower here! This is a great giveaway post! I love EOTD entries! Enter me, please! Thank you! :)

    Name/GFC: Rachel Villanueva
    Email: racheltvillanueva at yahoo dot com
    Twitter: outdoor_kitty

  11. more look of the days as those are my favorite things to view :)

    gfc: javonne

  12. Huzzah! Hi there! Wells, I'm new to this here blog, so I reckon I can't rightly say what I want to see more of, as I've not seen anything quite yet. Just keep rockin' in your own style :3

    GFC: Bekka
    tumblr: tanzmitpalmer
    twitter: tanzmitpalmer
    email: tanzmitpalmer at gmail d0t c0m

  13. Great giveaway, I want to get those pretty palettes!

    1. I love your looks posts! And I want makeup tutorials :)

    2. I'm a follower :)
    GFC name: spider girl

    techiespidergurl at gmail dot com

  14. My favorite thing is your looks! I know you're very busy, but if you could do even more FOTDs, I'd be in heaven!

    I follow through GFC as Kathy Duh.
    twitter: kayeffjay
    tumblr: kathyfuckingjacobs
    email: kathyeffingjacobs at yahoo dot com


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  16. 1. I really love seeing your EOTDs. The inspire me to think out of the box with my color combinations.

    2. I am following you my name is Jess Bee.

    3. following. @beezadventures

    my email is

  17. I'm following.

    I like your themed looks! I want to see more reviews.

    gardenofshadowsstore at gmail dot com

  18. I follow as Vulcan_Butterfly.

    I enjoy any makeup looks that you do, some of my favourites being the Star Trek themed looks as well as some of the "special effect" (i.e. Halloween, cosplay) types of looks.

  19. 1. I love all the different kinds of looks you do and how you add all sorts of "you" comments into the description instead of just putting a list of what you used and that's all. Uhh, I think more Sci-Fi and Fantasy based looks are needed! Yep, definitely. :P

    2. I think I follow you as LabyrinthineHeart on google.

    3. I follow you @Osephala. I tweeted too!

    4. I follow you on tumblr. I am labyrinthineheart.

    I hope I am not too late. I am a sucker!

  20. Eeep, not sure if this is still open so feel free to disqualify my entry if it's not XD

    1. I'd love to see you do more special effects since you're awesome at them! And also reviews :)

    silhouettescreamsblog at gmail dot com

    2. I follow you of course, as SilhouetteScreams :D

  21. 1. I like FOTDs! I'd love to see lip swatches. :D

    ninmonster at rocketmail dot com

    2. GFC: Janine M.

    3. tumblr follower, ninmonsterinmanila

  22. I love love love your EOTDs. I hope I could do them as well as you do yours! so i would be super interested to see like a step by step tutorial of any EOTD of yours pleasssseee??

    following you for a while now,
    katch05 at gmail dot com

  23. can I still enter?

    GFC: oohladybegood


    I like you face of the day posts and would like if you would do dupe posts too.

    thanks xoxo


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