Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Neon Dynasty-fotd

The sky clashes with the bright city. It's darkness can't reach inside the dome but it stays, stalking the light like a hungry beast. Inside the glass dome the city is like a techno candyland. Neon lights flash in every window, dancing signs splatter across sidewalks and window frames. The whole city is one big commercial. The people in the city are unlike most. They bare no resemblance to normalcy any more. Some have dyed skin the color of rainbows while others have skull implants that make them look like demons. They look like faeries or angels with gnashing teeth that don't fit their jaws and wings that flicker but cannot hold them up for glamour. These people are called the Neo-ites.
The Neo-ites are rich with money in stocks or housing while the Underlings, the impoverished people of the city, rot in filth. Under the flashing lights and pounding night clubs the spidery spindles of the city sink deep into the ground. The city below is a dark shadow of the city above. In the deep chasms carved out by the old subways, opium dens and technology tunnels of the past live the Underlings. The people below look haunted, their cheeks sallow from lack of light and gaunt from lack of food. The Underlings can gain entrance into the shining world above but this is rare. However the amount of Neo-ites that have fallen from grace is high.
I being one of them.
Zeyea, my Mother used to say, don't look into the chasm or the chasm will look into you. But I have looked into the abyss one to many times to go back into the lights.

What I used:

Nyx jumbo e/s pencil in Milk
120 palette
-Dark metallic beetle green blended into the lower crease
-Matte nearly neon green brushed into the upper crease
-Shimmery royal blue patted onto 3/4's of the lid leaving the rest bare
-Silvery light blue blended onto the rest of the lid
-Medium periwinkle purple applied to the lower lash line
-Light lilac brushed onto half of the lower lash line
-Light silver rubbed into the inner corner of the lid to create sheen
-Matte white to define the brow bone
Almay liquid eyeliner in black
Tarte Lights! Camera! Lashes! Mascara

Hot Pink Lip Liner
Morgana Cryptoria lipstick in Valentine (Discontinued)
Hard Candy Chill Out lip gloss mixed with Sugarpill Decora

Bladerunner-esque story eh? Not my usual writing style but I like the idea of twin cities. One in the dark and one in the light, neither fully evil nor full good but full of technological supernatural beings. I kind of imagine it to be like the city in Tron Legacy but more club kid. Didja enjoy the drabble? I'm not sure if I should write more since cyber punk is not my strong point. Oh yes I should add that I did this for the fierce challenge for Never too Much Sparkle, yay!


  1. Wow that's definitely a fabulous look!! :) love this blue you're wearing on your lid

  2. Great look and even greater story! You should post more of your writing here! :)

  3. Oh god, the bright blue and green with the bright pink lip? FRAKKIN' GORGEOUS. I also loved the story too :D

  4. UNF, Helen. Just... UNF. That green. SWOOOON. Also: I like your writing :)

  5. Neat story! It brought such colourful images to my mind. Love the bright look!


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