Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lyra's Compass-fotd

For my Fantasy Fiction class we had to read The Golden Compass which surprisingly I've never read. As a child I read constantly, I would even read in class, hiding my books between text book pages. The Golden Compass is about a young girl Lyra and her daemon Pan who live in Jordan college who is not your average childhood book character. She's described as being half wild and a great liar. A daemon is a person's soul outside of their body that takes the form of an animals.Her adventure starts when she saves her Uncle from a poisoned bottle of wine while the children of the town begin to disappear including her best friend Roger. The book is well written as well as intensely engaging. When I have children my girl's are going to read this book instead of Twilight. Strong female character who travel all the way to the arctic while battling child nappers and learning about Dust? Way better then simpering, sullen teens who can't figure out which supernatural boyfriend to pick. (Uhm...I don't like Twilight very much sorry.) This look is based on her golden compass or alethiometer, it's a symbol reader that can tell you the future. Being able to read it is one of Lyra's many talents. I chose the blue in the crease to represent her journey North to rescue her Uncle and friend's from the Gobblers. Go read this book, I'm serious. You'll love it.

What I used:

Estee Lauder Eyeshadow stick in Gold (Used just on the lid.)
Sugarpill e/s in Afterparty (A bright blue with a turquoise undertone used in a c shape in the crease and then blended upwards. The unblended lower crease being the strongest in color.)
Randow matte ivory e/s (Highlight applied to brow bone and blended downward into Afterparty.)
Femme Fatale cosmetics e/s Riptide (A true blue with shimmery sky blue sparkles blended into Afterparty to add shimmer and a bluer pigment.)
Fyrinnae pixie epoxy (Just on the lid, over the shadow stick.)
Fyrinnae e/s in Book of the Dead (A neutral gold patted on the lid.)
Wet n Wild shimmery ivory e/s (Used on the brow bone and inner corner of the lid.)
Random liner
Tarte Lights! Camera! Lashes!

Nyx Lip gloss in French Kiss (A cool, almost nude toned pink.)

I really like this look, I'm sort proud of the blending too. Oh! I almost forgot! You guys always ask how I get my crease wing so crisp and clean well cheat. I use a damp q-tip to straighten out the wing as well as correct any errors. I should probably put up a video to show how I do my eye make-up but I'm a little nervous about tutorials. Now I'm off to go write some papers for this class and study for German. Whooo!


  1. Beautiful! I would have guessed that was Goldilux on the lid, but Book of the Dead! Such a pretty color! I'd love to see a tut from you about how you get the edge so clean!

  2. Amazing! I love blue and gold together and I love how intense this look is. Everyone's using Book of the Dead (Phyrra just did a look with it too) and I can see why. Can't wait until mine gets to me.

  3. Oh GOD blue and gold... UNF. So so so pretty on you. I need to read that series, I started on the first one and got distracted. It's on my Good Reads list haha.

  4. I loved that book series. You should definitely pick up The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass as well.

    Love those colors together, very beautiful.

  5. This might just be my favourite combo on you ever O___O it's simple but bloody breathtaking! I must read those books, they've been on my to-read list for an ungodly period of time.

  6. I'm so into the golden compass as well! and it's too bad they didn't continue filming it!!
    But this looks was real bold and I liked it! gold and blue together is like m-m-m!
    and you definitely SHOULD be proud of that blending! applause for you!

  7. Augh! I love Lyra so much, too! AND PAN! And the Gyptians! And - oh my god - my absolute FAVORITE is Iorek! I had a druid in D&D whose animal companion was a polar bear named Iorek, and when he died, I seriously cried about it. (And then, several months later, when he came back as a celestial bear, I got teary-eyed again. He was awesome.) This look is BRILLIANT! Totally reminds me of an alethiometer. And so happy you're enjoying the series. :)

  8. Goregeous look, I love the blues and golds together! Thank goodness I'm not the only one who thinks Twilight is idiotic.


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