Monday, September 6, 2010

Drusiclla is a little warped- fotd

If you watch Buffy then you will know who Druscilla is. A slightly psychotic (ok mostly psychotic.) vampire who is Spikes girlfriend in the second season. I honestly haven't even finished the second season so I'm unsure how it ends. I know I'm a terrible fan but I rarely finish shows I become to emotionally invested into. -.- I know weird right? Ah it happens with anime too, that's why I didn't finish Gundam Wing until recently. DON'T JUDGE ME. *runs into a corner*
I'm back at school so expect more low key looks with just my eyes. I'd rather wear eye make-up over face make-up. Although it was very chilly at home so I'm hoping it will be cool here to. ENOUGH ABOUT THE WEATHER. ON TO THE LOOK!

What I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Morgana Minerals e/s in Warped (Medium purple used on the lid.)
Morgana Minerals e/s in Druscilla (A BRIGHT PINK that actually works with my skinetone YES used on in the crease.)
E.L.F. Silver Lining Quad (Darker Purple applied over the Warped.)
E.L.F. Silver Lining Quad (The highlighting shade on the brow bone.)
NYX Liquid eyeliner Pen (I hate this don't use it.)
Milanai eyeliner in Black

Red colored chapstick

Ok several annoying questions for you pierced folk. I'd really like to get a monroe piercing ( Thank you Miss Wendi of Make-up Zombie and Phyrra for inspiring me.) and maybe my ears stretched. Since mentioning it to my fiance he'd like to get his ears stretched as well. Does one go to a piercing salon to get your ears stretched or should you just work up to it by yourself? I hope you all had a good a good Labor day! <3 <3


  1. I LOVE Druscilla's Sister from Morgana :)

    You look fab in Dru and Warped. LOL I loved Buffy so much, definitely in my top 5 all time favorite tv series.

    I've had all my friends stretch it on their own. I'm not sure if you can have a salon do it. You just slowly work your way down in gauge size.

  2. Such a pretty look! I still need to check out Morgana one of these days!

    And I tagged you for a couple blog awards! Check out my blog for the info!

  3. You can go to a salon and get your ears gauged - my husband did that to drop some sizes in his lobes all at once. However, it's not that comfortable (and/or probably painful, depending on the size difference), because they just take a taper and run it through your holes. Not super quickly, but pretty fast.

    What I did to gauge mine up (to between a 4 and a 6 currently), and what my hubs did prior to getting them tapered in the salon, is just get some CBRs or other heavy jewelry, and wear that and let it stretch your lobes out. It takes more time, but it's pretty easy, and less painful. When you switch sizes, it's helpful to do it in the shower or right after. (I think the heat and steam helps soften the skin and make it more pliant?) When I first started, I think I went up two sizes (20 to 16, and then to 12), but after that I did it one gauge at a time. I wasn't planning on going up to a 4, actually, but my favorite pair of earrings are just super heavy. Another thing some people do is getting mini padlocks and hang those from their ears. (It looks kind of funny, I think, but you could probably do it with something else, too.) Anyway, hope this helps!

  4. Also, this is an awesome look! I have Druscilla, and haven't used it yet. I have quite a bit of Morgana stuff I haven't used yet. I'll have to fix that. Maybe even tomorrow. So thanks!


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