Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Neutral Eye for Smaller Eyes-Tutorial

I was asked by my friend LittleIsis to base a look off of a picture she sent me. The colors aren't completely accurate but they are close enough. The look is meant for women who have smaller eyes or eyes that have an almond shape to them. I myself have roundish shaped eyes so my eyes will not look the way your eyes will.

Step One: Have your eyes already primed and based, for the base I used Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy. Use an ivory or cream colored sparkly eyeshadow up around the eyebrow and down the bridge of your nose to your inner eyelid.

Step Two: Using a tan/golden colored eyeshadow on a flat shader brush place the color on to the middle of your lid then blend out a bit till it meets the ivory in the corner of your eye.

Step Three: Apply a darker brown or bronze color on the outer corner of your lid. Blend upwards into the crease. Add a tiny more on to your brush and blend towards the middle of your eye on the crease line. This will add depth to your eye as well as make them appear larger.

Step Four: Darken up the crease with a small amount of black or deep brown. I used the deep brown because I find black to be a bit to harsh with browns.

Step Five: Line your upper lash line with a color of your choosing. I chose black since it makes your eye lashes appear longer. Do not I repeat do not line your entire eye with black if you have smallish eyes. This will make your eyes appear smaller. Use a white or peach color on the water line and a gray or brown to tight line. Mascara pulls the whole look together, there you're done!

Red lips look amazing with neutrals but so do hot pink lips. The red makes it pin-upesque with the pink adds a modern touch. I recommend putting on foundation and blush after you do your eye make-up. This makes it easier to brush away fall out from your eyeshadow. I hope you found this look helpful. In the near future I will be doing a neutral eye for wider eyes and rounder shaped eyes.


  1. Excellent! This is a great look for anyone with almond shaped eyes or eyes that are close together. You can use the same technique with a neutral lip color and vibrant or smokey colors on top. Thanks, Pixie!

  2. Excuuuuse me, I would like to know what you used :3 the lid colours and that lip = so pretty!

  3. Lovely! I also would like to know what you used.


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