Friday, September 3, 2010

Code Name: Smokey-Fotd

Between sleeping, eating, going to class and sleeping I've been watching Bones. I love crime dramas especially with the forensics aspect being so strong. If I was better at science I would have gone into forensics. Ang Enough about me, HOW ARE YOU. I miss you guys. Have you guys entered KittenMittens giveaway and Blix's giveaway? If not you should. Just Peachy is also having a giveaway. Go go go!

What I used:

Fyrinnae mineral Foundation
Nyx Blush in Mocha

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Shiro Cosmetics e/s in Golem (A dark chocolatey brown used on the lid.)
Shiro Cosmetics e/s in Sudowoodo (Tan-light red brown used in the crease.)
Shiro Cosmetics e/s in Hyperbeam (Sparkly black used to line the upper lash.)
Shiro Cosmetics e/s in Meowth (Pale ivory used on the brow bone.)


So ladies what are you guys doing this Labour Day? I get to go home and see my family for four whole days. :3 Yaaaaaaaaaay!


  1. Haha I love the Lips - Chapstick.

    I also love watching forensic dramas! I think I pretty much watch all crime dramas that are on tv. sad...

  2. Now I really want Golem! Why do I keep needing Shiro colors so much when I'm on low buy, grr >:(

    I actually hate crime drama, lol. They're all just the same silly show to me. Except Dexter, if that even counts.

  3. Such a lovely brown look! Yay!

    I love forensic dramas/crime dramas. My favorite is NCIS - which you probably could have guessed. <3 Abby.

  4. OMG YAY I love Golem and Sudowoodo :D I approve of this look.

    Not that you need my approval :P


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