Thursday, September 16, 2010

Queen of Tarts-Picture Tutorial

Step One: Apply primer, I used Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance but you can use E.L.F's Mineral eyeshadow Primer or any of the other primers that are out there today.

Step Two: I usually use Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy but I wanted to use satin textured eyeshadow today so instead I used Nyx's Jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Milk as a sticky Base.

Step Three: Here I used High Voltage Fairy Blood all over my lid with a flat shading brush by elf. Then I blended it up into the crease a little bit.

Step Four: Here I used Aromaleigh's Velvet Dream in the crease. It was not as dark as I wanted it so I blended it down. I used a fluffy blender brush for this by the way. :3

Step Five: I wanted the crease to be darker so I used Evil Shades eyeshadow in Zombie. I blended it to the side. The other eye I blended rather poorly which is why there are only pictures of this one eye. -.0

Step Six: If you'd like to add more Nyx Jumbo eyeshadow pencil under your eye and blend it out. Take a bright pink based purple and apply it on your lower lash line. You can do this with any color.

Step Seven:Add your eyeliner. Used liquid eyeliner on the top lash line to add depth to my lashes. I find this finishes the look off well. It's kind of the finishing piece in eye make-up.

Step Eight: MASCARA! If you have light lashes this is a god send. I have naturally dark lashes but they are very thin so mascara adds a bit of oomph to my other wise flat lashes.

Step Nine: Concealer, foundation and blush! For the blush I used Evil Shades blush in Gossamer which is a beautiful soft pink with violet/blue reflects. This is amazing on light skin and could be a good colored high light on dark skin. :3

You can do this with what ever colors you'd like. I think this is a good template for doing whatever you'd like. This is how I learned how to do make-up so I figured it'd be great for those of you who are just learning. Take chances, try things out, find out what's best on you. You'll be surprised what you can teach yourself.


  1. This is really pretty, I love the colors you chose. The purple on the lower lashline looks really nice as well.

  2. Beautiful look! Love the purple on the lower lashline! A nice finishing touch to the look!

  3. Dang, lady. I tend to get giggly about red and purple together, but clearly I'm just being a pissant - this look is amazing! Thanks for schooling me on red and purple, and maybe now it'll stick in my head that there are no color combos that are unworkable.

    Thanks for the tute, too! I really like getting to see people's processes, step by step. I could read those type of posts all day.


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