Monday, June 7, 2010

Jewels of the British Empire Fotd

He cannot give her much. All his money goes to saving for the ring. He takes her out to dinner but not to many fancy places. He's a solider of the empire, rich in more important ways then money. She knows that when he retires he will take her to the far off lands he fights in. He comes home ladian with Indian spices, African ivory and Chinese silk so fine she can see through it. She may be a Governess for now but some day he'll make her his wife and she will wear all the jewels of the British Empire.

What I used:
Hard Candy Concealer Palette
Stila Tinted thingie which I hate but need to use up
Nyx Blush in Pinky

Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy ( All Aromaleigh e/s from here down)
L'Orchidee collection e/s in Jewel ( A light lavender/lilac with gold shimmer on the lid.)
Victoria's Revenge e/s in Perpetual Motion ( A bright bronze/gold on the crease.)
Victoria's Revenge e/s in Infernal Chaos ( A sheer nude/taupe/pink as a highlight.)
Victoria's Revenge e/s in Skeleton Key ( A shimmery glittery silver on the inner corner.)
Nyx Pen eyeliner in Extreme Black
Milani Liquid eyeliner pencil whatever blah blah in black


What do you guys think of the little story? I was thinking of doing that for more posts because I need to write more. I've lost my muse and by using the titles as prompts I can go from there. Even writing a paragraph a day can help this sucky block I've had. :d


  1. I love the story and your makeup is fabulous, too! And your blog is not sucky. Here, have a cookie *hands a chocolate-chip cookie*

  2. I love the story! It made me think of Dr. Watson and Mary, or the Hallidays in Sleeping Murder.

    Beautiful look, too! I really like the colors you combined.

  3. I like the lil story too :) Interesting colors, I like it!

  4. I like the story. I can't write tho. My creativity is in a different area all together.
    So if you like writing, feel free to keep doing it as you have some followers who will read it for sure and enjoy it. :-)

    I really like this colour combo. Great blending!

  5. The story reminds me of Firefly mixed with....idk Jane Eyre or something. Let's just ignore the fact that I loathe Jane Eyre and take it as a compliment. :D

    Do you have a pop of gold on the waterline here? :)


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