Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We who Smolder-Fotd

Despite all the drama going on in the indie blogo-sphere I want everyone to remember make-up is fun. The reason we all started these blogs is for fun. Yes, there are a group of harpies who are trying to ruin the good name of other bloggers and indie make-up companies, but please be aware that if you give these women any kind of attention they will get what they want. Bad publicity is still publicity as they say. Please don't feed the trolls.
(That being said I think it's amazing that most of the bloggers are standing up for themselves and the companies they love.)

What I used:
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Aromaleigh e/s in Xylia ( A dusky dark purple used on the lid to create a smokey eye, also used under the eye.)
Aromaleigh e/s in Caelia ( A sheer soft purple dusted over the Xylia and into the crease.)
Aromaleigh e/s in Rosina ( As the highlighter color and them inner corner eye light.)
Milani eyeliner in Black
Almay Liquid eyeliner in onyx
(In the full face shot my lips are bare but in the picture with just my lips that is...)
Evil Shades Deviant Lipstick in Primrose Path ( Which is my natural lip color but enhanced by sexy shimmers.)

My Evil Shades order arrived today. I was so excited I ripped open the package with such vigor that the free full sized Deviant lipstick almost nailed me in the face. I laughed and opened the lipstick that wanted to attack me. It was the color Fiendish, a pretty blue/teal.
I bought:
Deviant Lipstick in Primrose Path ( The color between coral and pink called sex.)
Samples of:
Zombie ( A reddish/black eyeshadow that reminds me of gore flashing in the moonlight.)
Heartless Queen ( A red so bright and gorgeous you'll think you're using rose petals.)
Sinister ( A green with an almost radioactive brightness to it.)
Phyrra's Fantasy ( A warm pink that reminds me of poisoned fairy cakes.)
Nightshade ( Purple, purple so neon it will remind you of sex and bar signs.)
Wanderflower ( A green/black/teal shade of deep complexity I was given this for free.)
I'm hitting myself over Bane, I wish I had ordered it. The lip sticks are very pigments and glossy feeling. I don't have to put chapstick on before the lipstick because it feels like chapstick. I really love these lipsticks you should really try them!
I also went to Ulta today and bought a two polishes and a matte top coat. I'll probably post the pictures of them tomorrow since it's so dark.
What have you been blown away by product wise?


  1. The lippy looks so pretty paired with your smoldering eyes. Great combo!
    I would really like to try Evil Shades...I will one of these days I swear!

  2. Love this look! And I agree about the awesomeness of Primrose Path. :D

  3. Gorgeous look! I love Evil Shades, i'm going to be making a huge haul of their new shades and lippies soon :D

  4. Primrose Path is gorgeous on you! I cant wait till I come back from holiday and I can place a bigass order :D I need Primrose Path, Devilista, Reign, Ardour and Stiletto. Okay, so maybe I need like ALL the lipsticks XD


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