Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Voodoo Queen-Fotd

The Voodoo Queen of New York was tall and imposing, her hair snaking around her face in dread locks, her black cherry skin taunt over her cheekbones. She was wickedness and beauty all wrapped into one. Her face was painted with darkening blood from the man that lay at the threshold of her thrown. I was smaller then she, at only 5”2 with long red hair I looked like a tiny pixie holding a huge gun.

“What do you want little girl. Can’t you see I’m busy.” Her thick Hattian accent was freckled with annoyance. Of course she was busy, her hands were full of blood and chunks of flesh. She was after all the one who summoned all the zombies in the first place.

“I came to stop you Camille. If I kill you, the zombie horde will stop tearing up the city streets.”

“Foolish child.” She chuckled, her laugh echoing off the walls of the chamber. “There is no end for me or for my reign. The whole Earth will shudder while my Zombie-darlings parade.

I pulled the trigger of my gun. Bucking as the butt jammed into my shoulder. Her laughter stopped, the chamber was empty of any noise. I let the gun drop from my hands. The bullets had made her face into something unrecognizable by man. I tried to suppress the bile that rose into my throat by running. I ran past the gaurds I had worked so hard to avoid, I ran past the bodies that had been a pack of zombies before, I ran through the door of the building to the fresh night air. New York was still with the silence that could only mean one thing. World War Zombie was over.

What I used:( Please excuse the weird ass spacing. I tried fixing it. :/)


Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy

Evil Shades e/s Heartless Queen( A bright red used on the lid. This is VERY pigmented. It stained my brush a teeny weeny bit and when it fell across my cheek it wouldn't wipe off. This is a true red so I suggest using powder under your eye before putting this on. That being said I bloody love this color.)

Evil Shades e/s Zombie ( The perfect blend between red, brown and black. Used in the crease.)

Aromaleigh e/s in Rosina ( Used as a highlighter, this is my Holy Grail highlighter, I need a dupe of this soon though. >.<)

Milani eyeliner in black, liquid eyeliner and then mascara. :3

I don't normally paint my nails. In fact I used to hate how nail polish felt on my nails. For some reason it always felt heavy and slimy at the same time. I started reading a few nail polish blogs and I started wishing I had longer nails. So I went out and bought a small jar of Hard Candy nail polish. Not the best brand but it kept me from biting my nails. Yesterday I went to Ulta and bought the matte top coat by China glaze. In the store I put it over my China Glaze polish in Spontaneous. I had Sally Hanson Hidden Treasure on my thumb nail and ring fingers but I didn't put the matte over those. I really like how the matte looks. :D Above is a picture of my nails, I'm sorry it's so blurry but you can at least see the color clearly.

How do you like the stories so far? Using the titles as prompts has really been helping me get over my creative block. I am an English major but I'm not going to actually major in creative writing. I love writing but after all the "Get Real" discussions I've had with adults they pretty much killed my want to be a writer. ( Which is pretty sad.) :/

Love Pixie


  1. Wow, awesome that rosina is your highlighter, but so sad, too :(

  2. Phyrra-I'd been looking everywhere for one that will work perfectly Fyrinnae's Nijiro was close but Rosina is so spot on and perfect. :/ I was able to order one full sized pot of it but when I run out... :*(

  3. The makeup is gorgeous and you did your nails....I'm so proud!

  4. The makeup is lovely, and I love voodoo! Squee!

    Spontaneous looks soooo good matte. I don't have a matte-ifier yet, but I do have Spontaneous, so...yeah. I need to get on that.

  5. Heartless Queen looks so awesome on you :O I was thinking of doing this combo before, but never did because I'd blogged a similar one. Yours looks great :D

  6. Evil Angel- XD

    Kathy- Omg the matte top coat is magical. The fiance was painting the display nails at Ulta with it. He was amazed and told me i needed it. Boys are silly. Also thank you! It's not one of my best. It seemed better the night I wrote it but I like the story any way. :D

    Silhouette- Dude post iiitttttt!!!!!!!!!! I love your eye for color.


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