Sunday, July 25, 2010

One can only call an eyeshadow look Faerie so many times-fotd

Lol ironic title? Yeah... I was so tempted to name this look "Lotus Faery" or "Faery of the Water" but I reined myself in. I love it when people name looks after faeries or sprites it draws me. I especially love how they add a certain dark or light idea to the look. Maybe I'm reading into titles to much lol.
I posted this after my day was done instead of when I first snapped the pictures. It lasted even when I went into my pool, until I rubbed it off that is. Other wise the shadow clings on if I don't rub my face. It was a bad idea to rub my eyes though because my brother "shocked" our pool. ( Which entails super high amounts of chlorine.)
Tomorrow is my best friends birthday party. She loves it when I wear red eyeshadow but we'll be swimming in her pool so I was thinking of just wearing some flipside and concealer. Maybe when we go out for drinks I'll wear something prettier? What would you recommend for a girl to wear to impress her Leo BFF? (Seriously she is my BFF we've been BFF's since first grade.)

What I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Aromaleigh e/s Pherenice ( A soft dove gray with blue undertones used on the inner corner of the eye.)
Aromeleigh e/s Elysia ( Pale aqua with pretty shimmer applied on the "ball" of the eye with a flat brush.)
Aromaleigh e/s Annysia (Grass green used on the outer corner,crease, and lower lid.)
Aromaleigh e/s in Rosina
Nyx Jumbo Eyeshadow pencil in Milk
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Zero
N.Y.C. Liquid eyeliner in black

Aromaleigh Yuzu Lip balm
Aromaleigh Rocks! Sonic e/s in Raspberryberet ( Spread on the lips, blotted and blended.)

I'm not sure if the two pink Rocks! Sonic eyeshadow I have are lip safe so I was thinking of using them in a franken polish. I love the colors they just look horrible on my skin tone. I would give them away but I hate the idea of some one taking my used things. I was thinking of dividing them into "samples" so when I have my give away people can do whatever they want with them. Maybe I can a Franken polish kit of some sort to give away with these? If anyone is interested in having them please e-mail me. At Pixie(underscore)a(underscore)la(underscore)mode at yahoo dot com. :D
What do you do with colors that don't work for you?


  1. I tend to give away colors that I don't work for me.
    I like the look :) I wore Elysia yesterday.

  2. I too LOVE looks associated with anything Fae. This is a lovely color combination

  3. Just calling something 'faerie' makes you feel more... faerie :S I give stuff I don't want away normally, but sometimes I make hair gels with pigments, or keep them for mixing with various other things. If I really hate it I chuck it and just keep the jar!

  4. Beautiful look! I love the colour combination.
    If you don't end up using the pigment in polish then i don't see anything wrong with giving it away either fully or in samples. As long as people know you've tested it there's nothing wrong :)

  5. I looove this look, the combo and placement, just everything about it! :)

    I've not really found a colour that doesn't work for me, probably because I force that shit to work for me. I can usually find at least one colour to pair it with to make it look passable. I do the same with fail products too, I force it to work with me or it sits at the bottom of a drawer forever >;D


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