Monday, July 12, 2010

Hi-Fi Cosmetics Review

I don't often do reviews because I feel like there are many other bloggers who do them better. Reviews help me choose what colors I want to order, what brand I want to order from and whose long shipping time is worth the wait. I don't buy things any more with out reading or researching the products firs. That being said lets move on to the review.

Hi-Fi Cosmetics

Pricing-I first ordered from Hi-Fi Cosmetics a couple of months ago. I bought ten samples for eight dollars which is an amazing price if I do say so myself. I picked out several colors Phyrra recommended and a few shadows/glitters based on the names.

Ordering- Ordering was really easy since it was on etsy.

Shipping-The shipping was fast, I believe it arrived with in a week. When I placed my second order I mentioned how the shipping seemed longer then normal. To my surprise she checked up on my order and resent it since it.

Products-The eyeshadows are very 'soft" feeling and finely milled. When I first applied it I was surprised at how little product needed to be used to cover my whole eye. The shadows feel as smooth as silk when you apply it. When you blend the shadows don't muddle up the remain true to the color just a bit softened. The Paparazzi Flash Powder (Glitters) are also very fine. The glitter is small enough to fit into my pores and if it gets into your eye they don't hurt. I recommend using Pixie epoxy to make the shadow stick but still be removable. I really love both products and I use the eyeshadow often. I haven't tried her lipgloss, gel blush or any of the other products she offers but I've read they are really great.

Over All- I love these eyeshadows the names are great and I love the quick shipping. Though this is a really basic review I think you will be able to tell how much I love these products by how much I use them. :D

I give it a Five out of Five.

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