Sunday, June 5, 2011


I love the awesomeness that is Star Trek the Next Generation. You might be shocked to know that I have ever seen it. I'm a huge science fiction fan but for some reason I stayed away from Star Trek until recently. I won't lie to you, I was very into Star Wars as a child/tween. I wrote terrible terrible fan fictions where I became a Jedi. I couldn't stomach Star Trek because it moved to slowly for me. There was to much diplomacy, to much filler. Now that I'm older I've come to enjoy the story line and the mythos behind the legendary Star Trek. One of my favorite characters on the show is Deena Troy, the half Betazoid empath. Her make-up is really well done. It's almost Arabic in nature with a small cut crease. I applied it a bit heavier on myself but I do think my look is very similar to the make-up she wears in the show. I even tried to shoop the second picture to give the look a bit more of a betazoid feel. (Betazoids have black eyes.)

What I Used:

Nyx Jumo e/s pencil in Milk (Used as a base and also on the waterline.)
Nyx e/s in Sahara (Medium matte brown used on the lid except for the inner half.Also used in the middle of the lower lash line.)
Nyx e/s in Chocolate (Dark matte brown used on the very outer half of the lid and blended.)
Wet n Wild Palette in Vanity e/s (Tan matte used over the Sahara on the lid and on the lower lash line.)
Wet n Wild palette in Vanity e/s (Cream color matte used on the inner half of the lid. Also used to highlight the inner corner and brow bone)
Wet n Wild palette in Vanity e/s (Red brown matte used to cut the crease.)
Wet n Wild eyeliner in Brown (Used to line the upper lash line.)
Nyx e/s in Coffee (Used wet over the eyeliner.)
Mascara (Applied on upper and lower lashes with loads and loads of layers.)

Estee Lauder Doublewear Lipstick in Hot Kiss
Estee Lauder Lipgloss in Rose

I had to go and dig for a bronze colored lipstick in my Mother's make-up drawers. I wish I had a lip liner to use with this because the lipstick was a bit odd when I applied it. What do you think of the look? Did I do a good job representing Deena Troy's make-up?


  1. Gorgeous look and I think you did a good job with Deena as your inspiration! I think she's one of the prettier characters on Star Trek. :)

  2. I'm so loving the white waterline on you! Beautiful look!

  3. *googles Deena Troy* holy shit, her makeup is SO pretty. I need to watch all the Star Trek series, and good to know the makeup is pretty! The white waterline is so pretty on you d00d, and I love the shape you did.

  4. Awesome job! YAY for a Star Trek look! I've really been loving your inspired looks lately!

  5. Holy crap, I love this makeup, and you nailed it!! I <3 Troy! Your lippie is gorgeous, and the eyeshadow is fantastic, and I love the shopped irises, so stunning!

  6. Lady in the Top Hat-I think Doctor Crusher is really pretty too but Deena is just so exotic looking.
    The Peach-Thanks, I think I'm going to do the white lash line more often now. :D Everyone seems to like it a lot.
    Silhouettescreams- DOOD YOU NEED TO, STAR TREK IS SO GOOD. I have become a Trekkie lol. Thank you bb!
    Vulcun Butterfly-Haha, I think I'm going to do a vulcan inspired look next. Totally sighting you for the inspiration. <3
    Kathy-Eeehhh the shooped irises are kinda crappy in my op but thank you babe!!


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