Monday, June 13, 2011

Sugarpill Winnings and Collection

Oh No Pikachu stole all my Sugarpill stuff! Including my new chromalust Decora. Mean Pikachu! He was eyeing my winnings whilst I was taking pictures. If you can see him in the first picture just his ears are sticking out. Pikachu's aren't usually attracted to shiny things (That's Meowth's ball game.) but I think mine wants to put some pink on his cheeks.
With my eyeshadow came an eyeshadow sample of Birthday Girl which is a pastel kind of pink. It reminds me of baby blankets aw. I love Decora though so much. The name is from the Decora fashion trend in Japan. These punky raver chicks pile crap on their heads, arms, necks and faces like hermit crabs. Then they wear all their colorful belongings out to shop for more stuff. It's one of my favorite Japanese trends next to the Fairy kei lolita style. Decora the chromalust perfectly represents these adorable Japanese girls with it's bright pink eyeshadow.
If you'd like to see a look I did using it stay tuned for tomorrow.


  1. Pikachu so cute!
    Congrats on the win- just makes me want this color more!! :D

  2. Decora is beautiful! I now have the Burning Heart & Sweetheart palettes, I'm ready to start building a collection of some Sugarpill loose shadows/chromalusts!! Decora will definitely be in the mix.

  3. Oh it's so pretty, how I love you Sugarpill! Congratulations on winning :)

  4. Snarky P-Thanks! I stole him from my brother haha. I know what you mean, I want Absinthe now. Errrghh. Never ending lust!
    Mandy-I really want the Sweetheart palette it's so pretty. Oh boy you should defiantly get Goldilux it's such a gorgeous starter color.
    Maria-Thank you hun!
    Lillian-Thanks Lillian. Sugarpill has so many gorgeous things ugh! I look at the site nearly every day.

  5. It's such a bright fun color!

  6. Phyrra-Thank you honey. Decora is awesome.
    Silhouette-Thanks, Pikachu got excited when I told him that.

  7. Decora is sooooo pretty! Sugarpill is out of the Burning Heart palette, and Poison Plum, so I ordered the three others in pans, and then Lumi, too, since I don't have it yet. Didn't want to go too crazy (because then I couldn't justify buying all the Shiro Intertubes). But basically everything by Sugarpill is on my list. Why are they so good?!


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