Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Concrete Rabbit-Fotd/Haul

Two packages came for me yesterday afternoon. One from Concrete Minerals, the other from Kathy Jacobs. I didn't know she was sending me a care package, it was a welcomed surprise. Kathy's gifts made me cry a little. Thank you so much Kathy. I love my slippers and bracelet! I haven't tried the drink tablets but I will tonight. If you haven't checked out Kathy's blog you should. Not only is she very sweet and kind but her make-up is simply rad. Please check her out here.
The Concrete Minerals package held the three eyeshadows I ordered plus a sample size of the eyeshadow White Rabbit. I love the colors but I think I'm going to save Hearts(the red eyeshadow) for someone special. The other two colors are Temptress which is a light peacocky teal. And Wicked, an almost lavender like purple with a teal duo-chrome. The duo-chrome in these two shades is beautiful. I was expecting the shadows themselves to be a bit darker but I'm still pleased with the purchases. If you are interested in Concrete Minerals please go here. (Next time I'm tots getting Juvenile and Detox.)

What I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Concrete Minerals e/s in Wicked (Light purple with teal duo-chrome used on the lid.)
Concrete Minerals e/s in Temptress (Frosty teal used in the crease.)
Concrete Minerals e/s in White Rabbit (Sheer white with pink duo-chome to highlight.)
Almay Liquid eyeliner in black
Milani eyeliner in black

lips- (Not pictured.)
Morgana Cryptoria Lipstick in Roses and Violets

I really like the Concrete Minerals eyeshadows my only compliant is that they're a bit sheer. The duo-chrome is enough to win me over though. I'd love to use these shadows for an airy-fairy type of look. Ooo... hmm... I think I need to draw out a face chart haha.


  1. How sweet of Kathy! Thats awesome! LOVE the look What awesome colors!

  2. I love the winged eyeliner. The colors are GORGEOUS! Lovely EOTD!

  3. You should definitely get Juvenile!! It is one of my favorite colors from CM. I have detox as well but it's just not for me :) White Rabbit has such a pretty sparkle to it, I like using it in the inner corners

    Your EOTD is gorgeous!!

  4. I absolutely love this look, those colours are just fabulous! I just tried a couple of shadows from Concrete and I loved them. There is some great duochrome-y goodness going on here!

    Also, I tagged you for a blog award! Pass it on if you would like :)

  5. Kathy is so awesome :D As is your EOTD. Like!

  6. The colors look so multi-color/duochrome. Very pretty :)

  7. Those colors are soooo pretty! I was just thinking I needed more CM, hee. And I should tell you - I tried one of the tablets, and it was gross. Although maybe there was too much water, and if the tablet/water ratio were closer it'd taste good? It smelled like cupcakes.

  8. Peachy-Thank you Miss Peachy! I knew you'd love the colors.
    Lady in a Top Hat-Thank you! The only reason the eyeliner is winged is cause I messed it up haha.
    Stephtee-Ooo don't tempt me. I'm so close to placing another oder. Errrggghhh! lol
    Vulcan Butterfly-Ah thank you for the award! And thank you for the compliment!
    Robyn-Thanks dood! Kathy is pretty rad I admit.
    GenkiOrina-Thank you! I love the duo-chrome too.
    Kathy- Kaaaaatthhhhyyyy I love you! I was thinking... maybe the tablet would taste good in vodka or another adult beverage?
    Mandy- Thank you sweetie. :D

  9. I looooove Concrete, and I have to pick up Wicked with my next order since it looks so awesome here :D also, yay Kathy!

  10. So pretty !
    ♥ Kathy, she's so totally amazing !

  11. Oooooh, grrl! I think you're onto something with that "cupcake tablets in adult beverages" idea. What would go best with it, I wonder?


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