Monday, February 8, 2010

Anastasia's Lightsaber

I love reading Anastasia's blog. She is a talented writer, funny as hell and very intelligent. I was inspired by a ETOD that she put up on Twitpic. It was so gorgeous I couldn't help but do it on myself. I didn't use all of the same shadows as she did but they do look very similar. Go check out her blog Lipstick and Lightsabers in our blog roll. She's seriously amazing. Well they always say imitation is the highest form of flattery right? On too what I used.

What I used:
Hard Candy Concealer ( Under eyes, on the nose and to blot out the color on my cheeks.)
Fyrinnae Mineral Foundation in Opal ( Used with powder bamboo brush also this product is discontinued.)
Nyx Blush in Moacha

Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Fyrinnae Loose Eyeshadow in Parental Advisory ( Just on the lid with a flat brush, this shadow is a sexy royal purple.)
Fyrinnae Loose Eyeshadow in Mephisto ( Over P.A. with the same brush with a little in the crease, blended out. This shade adds a reddish glow to the two royal purples.)
TKD Trading Hilite Violet ( As a highlight and blended, in replace of Winter Again.)
Urban Decay Eye Liner in Zero ( Water lined and lash lined.)
L'oreal H.I.P. Chrome eyeliner in Gold ( Instead of Urban Decay's Honey on the lower lash line.)
Nyx Eyeshadow in Antique Gold ( Instead of Fyrinnae's Lucky Charmed over the eyeliner.)
Mascara :3

Fyrinnae Lip Luster in Lace Gloves

Try this look out it's so much better in person! I hope you all had a good weekend! I went to Columbus and say one of my boys who goes to Ohio State. I got to eat at my favorite places down there and even got to go to the amazing Gay Club down there. Nymph came with me we all had so much fun! When your in Columbus go to Gumby's for your pizza. It's the best thing ever eaten. Yummy yum yum!
Although today was a really shitty day. I had to miss class because there was something wrong with the car. We got it fixed but when the people who did the job worked on the car they did something to the front alignment of the car. We went to a different place because the first place we got the work done was run by a punch of skeeze balls. Uck. Thank God my Dad and the Fiancee know a little bit about cars. Otherwise we would be screwed. ( P.S. I'm learning slowly about cars too. :d)
Have a good day/night everyone!


  1. This is really pretty! I love purple, I want Parental Advisory now *_*

  2. Looks gorgeous on you! I need to get off my arse and post mine, eh? I actually used UD 24/7 liner in Eldorado on mine, although I like your liner shade better, but they don't do L'Oreal HIP here.

    My full-face shots of that look sucked, hence why I've been putting it off. Maybe I'll redo it on a better face-day :3

    Looks bbbeaaaautiful <3

  3. This is so gorgeous on you! One of these days I will try Fyrinnae...

  4. Eee thank you all!
    Ana girl nothing you do could suck. You are to epic. K thx.
    Blix OMG GO TRY THEM NO. They are amazing seriously. Those boys know how to brew the best eyeshadow. Gah!
    Heather omg Parental Advisory is possibly the best shadow ever invented ever. Period. lol
    Phyrra hee hee thank you!


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