Monday, May 23, 2011

Morgana Cryptoria-A review

Sample baggies of all my Morgana shadows.
My three Morgana Lipsticks : (From left to right) Roses and Violets, Azalea Blue, and Valentine
Eyeshadows: (Left to right, starting at the top.) Warped, Zombie Ambrosia, Ectoplasm, Twinkling Cherries, Druscilla, and Coraline

Morgana Cryptoria is a wonderful all stop shop for your gothy, punky and make-up lovin needs. There is hair dye, brushes and GLITTER! Not to mention the beautifully made cosmetics like lipstick, eyeshadow, mineral veils and foundation for the paler end of the spectrum. The costumer service is really great and the owner Melissa is really nice.

Morgana is famous for their wide range of lip colors. There are pinks, reds, greens, purples, blues, yellows and even blacks. This gives many women the chance to explore their creative side and lend a helping hand to goths who want a cruelty free black. The formula is creamy, lasts long, and isn't drying. I lick my lips a lot so usually my lip color fades quickly. I find that my Morgana colors last far longer then any other lipstick I own.
Some of their lip colors are a bit lacking in the pigmentation department but I have only encountered one that has that problem. My pot of Shrieking Violet is a bit hard, the actual purple takes a few layers to accurately "purple-fy" the lips. However the other three lipsticks I own are just plain wonderful. Roses and Violets has become my favorite lip color ever. I used to reach for my Nyx round lipstick in Tea Rose but now I grab my Holy Grail first. Friends have tried to borrow it from me before but I usually shout "NO!"

Pigmentation: 9/10 Some of the lipsticks are less pigmented then others.

Application/Staying power: 10/10 Applied well, always creamy and wonderful.

Price: 8/10 Could be a bit cheaper but these are crafted well.

Eyes shadow-
I love these shadows. They apply well, last for a long time on the right primer, and look great. When I apply them they stay bright after blending. Druscilla is my favorite hot pink eyeshadow, when I apply it I always get compliments. I usually use Pixie Epoxy as a base for my eyeshadow after my primer. I noticed that Morgana's eyeshadows apply a bit patchy over the pixie epoxy. However the shadow do well over the nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencils and over just plain primer.

Pigmentation: 10/10

Application/Blending: 9/10 I love how smooth they apply but I took a point off for the P.E. issue.

Price: 10/10 The price is good too, especially when the shadows are on sale.

Melissa frequently has Full Moon sales where select items are up to half off. Around the Holidays there are even better sales on the cosmetics. That's when I usually snatch up the great deals. I'm hoping to grab her most frequent eyeshadow collections the next time she has a sale. The Shifty Eyed collection is freaking BEAUTIFUL! You should check out the swatches on the website. I'm seriously in love with Totally Tubular which is a lipstick. From what I understand it's a dupe of Mac's Candy Yum Yum, which is one of my lust products that I can never find.
All in all I think you should check out the site. You will love the products, especially the lipsticks!
(Special thanks goes to Heather for editing this!)


  1. I <3 Morgana's lipsticks! I too have trouble with lipstick longevity, because my allergies make me a "mouth breather", in addition to medications giving me cotton mouth already, so I have to very often drink a lot of water. Some of the lipsticks may appear a bit dry at first, but after a few minutes they just seem to melt & meld into my lips, giving them an amazing longevity without the crusting & dryness that I usually find in "long wear" lipsticks.
    I adore "Azalea Blue", which was the first pink I ever felt was "wearable" for me, without washing out my ultra-fair complexion, & has helped me to branch out to try other dark/hot pinks & fuchsias that I'd never have thought would have worked on me.
    "Love Lies Bleeding" is an amazing *vegan red*, which is a rare beast indeed. It is about halfway between a primary red & a vampy red, & is simply gorgeous. It applies like a dream, melds to my lips, is not dry or drying, & is very well pigmented.
    I just got a shipping notice for my latest Morgana Cryptoria order, so I'll be getting new full-size lipsticks & samples this week. Can't wait to try "Totally Tubular" & the samples of her other newest colors. In general, she has discontinued samples, except for a limited number when she releases a new color, but samples are still available (for the time being, anyway) for those with Lipstick Coven membership**, which also allows you to pay $9 for a full-size lipstick instead of $12.
    **$25/year may seem like a lot, but for this lipstick addict, it is totally worth it to me.

  2. This makes me want to pick up my Morgana stuff again, I used to be obsessed with her eyeshadows but hardly use them now....probably because I have too much stuff :P

    I love Drusilla too! Or maybe it's Drusilla's sister....whichever one has the awesome blue sheen :D

  3. Fantastic review! I really need to purchase some of the lippies. If only they weren't so pricey. *sniffles*

  4. Ectoplasm is gorgeous looking. And coraline. Nice review, thank you!

  5. I'd like to try some more of her lipsticks, but the shipping is a little pricey for me as I can only order 3 lippies and then I get stung with £11 bloody import tax! Stupid bloody customs!

  6. I love that you did some eyeshadow swatches! I always see lots about the lipsticks, but not too much about the eyeshadows. I love your choice of colours, I want them all!


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