Friday, May 20, 2011

Technicolor Dream World-Fotd

So I read this article on yahoo where a girl had her boyfriend pick her clothes out for a week. It seemed like a great idea actually. So I asked my fiance,Shaun, to pick out three colors for me to wear the next day. He picked out an eyeshadow he called a TARDIS blue, a bright green and a beautiful red. I was a little frightened at first since I didn't know how the heck I was going to wear it. I decided to try a cut crease since I hadn't done one in a while. I love the way it turned out! I kind of wish that I had left the lid all one color and used the blue to "cut the crease." I think I blended pretty badly on the lid. I'm going to ask him to do this every so often cause this was defiantly fun.

What I used:

Fyrinnae P.E.
Hi-Fi cosmetics e/s in Raw Shock (Shimmery green used on the first half of the lid.)
Persephone minerals e/s in Escort (Hooker blue of awesomeness used on the outer half of the lid.)
Sugarpill e/s in Poison Plum (Perfect purple used to make the cut crease.)
Morgana Cryptoria e/s in Twinkling Cherries (Used above the purple blended lightly.)
Wet n Wild e/s in Brulee (Used to highlight and define the inner corner.)
Estee Lauder e/s in Pink Ice (Used to re-highlight under the brows and inner corner.)
Almay liquid eyeliner in black
Milani eyeliner in black

Nyx Round lipstick in Echoe

What do you think? Do you think Shaun did a good job picking out colors? Next time I think I'll ask him to pick out a lip color and blush next time too. :D


  1. That's a pretty cool idea. I've only ever asked my boyfriend what COLOR scheme I should wear. Hmm.

    He did a good job picking colors! I love the look, especially the cut crease!

  2. Reggie-Thank you so much. When I told him he had a big grin on his face hahaha.

  3. I love the cut crease look and the color brought all the way to the inner corner. I think it's neat.

  4. Actually I think it looks really cool! You did a great job, if I had been "assigned" those 3 colors IDK what I would have done ^.^

  5. Ahh this is so pretty. =D I love the colors he picked out.

  6. I read that article too. I could never trust my husband to do such a thing :0 That looks SO freakin awesome!!!

  7. Phyrra-Thank you Phyrra I think you're neat too!

    Erin-It was a difficult decision on where to put what color haha. Thank you sweetie.

    Manda- Aw thank you doll face! I think I may keep him.

    Persephone-Haha boys are difficult to trust. I was expecting him to pick out neutrals. He completely surprised me with these colors.

  8. Well I think you blended fine on the lid! For some reason the lid colours remind me of space (yes, even the green) :D

  9. Nice eye makeup, love your use of colours.

  10. ooh, i love this! it's gorgeous! your bf has good taste. :)

  11. What fun! Love how you used these colors! Simply beautiful!

  12. Wow, I'm impressed with his colour choices! This turned out fantastic! I absolutely love it!


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