Monday, January 24, 2011

Bahama Mama-Experimental look

This is Reggie my Bahama Mama! She's from the Bahamas and is going to Kent to get a degree in architecture. I had asked her to let me do her make-up in December but I never got around to doing it. She's so sweet and funny I really enjoy the small snatches of time we get to spend together. Her major is VERY demanding which leaves her little time to socialize. She usually spends her time sleeping or doing homework so make-up is rare for her.
I used blue because we are constantly talk about Nicki Minaj who wears a bright blue lid color with a darker brown crease. I wish I had grabbed one of my indie browns because the browns in the 120 palette wasn't as dark as I needed. I added black but you can tell it's not as well blended as I wanted it. She ended hating the blue so I patted some PE over it then applied some gold shadow. The close up pictures I took of the gold eye look TERRIBLE. I blended so badly I was to embarrassed to put it up here. D:

What I used:

Nyx jumbo pencil in Milk
Stila Fabulous in Fiji palette (The medium toned blue used on the lid.)
120 palette
-Darkest brown in the palette aka medium toned matte brown used in the crease.
-Shimmery honey brown used over the crease
-Shimmery black applied in the corner of the eye to make the blue to brown transition better
-Cream shimmery sheer color used as highlight
-Silvery blue used on the ball of the lid
-Silver used in the corner of the eye
Milani eyeliner in black ( I sharpened this before use you should also sanitize your make-up before you use it on other people.)
A dab of mascara (she didn't like the wand lol.)

Wet N Wild lipstick in Spiked with Rum

I have to wash my brushes but I'm to lazy. I may be going to Ohyocon this year. This is a big MIGHT but I am hopeful. All my friends are going so I want to see them and go freaking SHOPPING in the dealers room. I love cons. I've only been to two so I'm hoping this one will be the best yet!
Is there anything I could have done better on this look? Do you have any tips for me so that I can apply other people's make-up better?

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  1. I like it! I don't have any advice for applying makeup on other people, because I don't do it. I guess just practice? Because it must be at least a bit weird, with the angles off since you're not working on your own face.


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