Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jean Greenie-Fotd and Wet N Wild Swatches

Swatches: (From left to right.) Greenie palette lid, crease and highlight. Spoiled palette lid, crease and highlight. These were all done over NYX jumbo pencil in milk which makes them stand out just as wonderfully as PE does! Go Wet N Wild!
A Closer shot of the swatches. (Please excuse mah hairy hand. I am... a beast.)

WHOO! SWATCHES! YEAH! *pumps fist* Sorry I know that I'm a bit to excited about eyeshadow swatches but my old camera didn't have any setting. So now I finally get to do swatches for reviews! Yaaaaaaaaay! Today I swatched my new Wet N Wild palettes in Spoiled Brat and I Dream of Greenie. I did a small review of them the other day if you'd like to check them out.
Before I left for school today we stopped by my local Ulta. I grabbed a new brush set for my Mommy because she doesn't own any eyeshadow brushes and her blush brushes are... nasty. (Yesterday I washed all of them for her because she'd never washed them. Yeah. It was gross. Which is funny because my mother is an extremely clean person.) I dug about in the clearance section and found a Benefit lip gloss set for her. She only has a few shades she wears and I thought the prospect of new lippies would help her branch out. :D
At the counter I saw the new Stila palettes. I grabbed the Tokyo one but both of the palettes had been used so I picked the Fiji inspired one. I really should have studied the palette before I bought it because I dream of greenie has the PERFECT DUPE in it. I swatched the crease color and the Figi green side by side and they looked like the same shadow!
While in the car to Microcenter (a computer store my Honey loves.) I used the Fiji palette. It could have been the jaunty car but the shadows blended terribly. I was pretty disappointed with how patchy/muddy the look came out. While in the store I washed it off because it looked so bad. I'm going to try the shadows with a different base later to see how it works with PE. Hopefully PE will save the palette from banishment.

What I used:

NYX jumbo pencil in milk
Wet N Wild palette in I dream of greenie (Used as directed on packaging.)
NYC Liquid eyeliner in Black
Milani eyeliner in black

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss in Bubble Babe (I also picked this up at Ulta today! LOVE the sheer sparkly pink!)

Tomorrow I will hopefully have a new World of Faerie look for you! Maybe even a Stargate inspired (Ok Goa'uld inspired.) look for you.


  1. Nice green make up.


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  2. I got the green one tooooo, love it!

  3. Very pretty green look! And good work on hooking your mom up with some new brushes and lippies!

  4. GOA'ULD, you say?!?! Squeeee! And I looooove this green look so much! I want to marry it. (Or, you know, buy the Greenie palette and copy you!)


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