Monday, January 3, 2011

But with a whisper not a bang-fotd

I know you weren't expecting me back for a few more days haha. Sadly I gave my fiance, my brother and myself food poisoning. We're all feeling a bit better but we're still feeling achey and tired. Today my fiance decided he wanted to spend his Christmas gift cards so he dragged me out of the house.
Oh I did dye my hair before I left. I used Ion medium intense red blonde with a 30 developer and then I used Manic Panic's Wildfire over top. I have washed my hair since then so it's not as intense of a red but it's still red! Eee! I've been wanting to have red red hair since I was five years old. I'm working towards a red like Ariel from the Little Mermaid. I didn't have enough dye for the back of my head so it looks like a darker red left over from my last dye job. I'll try and take pictures for you guys to see how it looks. My family says it looks good but who can take what they say seriously. They're suppose to like how you look.

What I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
High Voltage e/s in Tree Huger(Blue based green made of sex used on the lid.)
High Voltage e/s in Sugar High (Applied with a crease brush on the outer lid and crease.)
High Voltage e/s in Electric Boogie (Applied in the crease and lower lash line. This is brighter then the sugar high.)
Sally's Girl White e/s (As a highlighting shade yo.)
NYC Liquid eyeliner in black
Sephora Eyeliner in Electro Marine

Nyx round lipstick in Thaila of course

I'm going to finish my day by watching some period pieces on Netflicks. I really like Victorian or Edwardian based pieces for some reason. I used to hate Jane Austen's writing as a teen now I can't get enough of her work. Does anyone have any good recommendations? :D


  1. Very, very pretty :) I like your hair color btw, is it new or am I just blind? lol

  2. I just discovered you blog and i like it!!
    Great combo, i just ordered Tree Hugger too :-)

  3. Hope you gues all get to feeling better soon! LOVE the hair! I think you will look awesome with really red hair! Electric Boogie looks like a great color!

  4. RED!!!! :D

    Tree Hugger looks lush... just ordered 1001 HV samples, including tree hugger, yay!

  5. I just posted a look quite similar to this, therefore I like it by default >;D the shimmer in the second photo is so mesmerising....

    I wish we had Netflix here, though I'm pretty sure I would never leave my house if we did. I'd do that Instant Watch thing ALL THE TIME.

  6. Love it! A friend of mine just dyed her hair with Wildfire, too. Y'all are making me want to pull out the bleach again. -.-


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