Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have over a hundred followers! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and get to know me. It means a lot to me that you guys would stick around even though I don't often reply to comments. (Cause I'm a dumbass sorry. That will change I promise.) The prizes are two boxes of Hard Candy products. One has five different mascaras with a lash curler in it while the other has a blush and primer with a trio of eyeshadows. The mascaras, primer and eyeshadows are all mini but the blush and eye lash curler are full sized. There may be a few surprises thrown in with these prizes but you'll have to wait and see. :D

Here's how you enter:
-You have to be a follower
-Please tell me how you found me
-Your e-mail address
-How I can improve my blog. Better layout? More reviews? Crazier looks? Tutorials? Tell me!

Thank you all for following me. I'm so thankful for how you all take the time to comment on my tiny space on the internet super high away.

These prizes were purchased by me.


  1. You knew I was going to enter because I am a Hard Candy addict. I love their makeup!

    -I follow you through Google Account.
    -I found your blog after friending you on facebook as I play WoW with Brian.
    -I love your blog and I think it would be cool for you to do some tutorials! I love how you do your makeup and love learning new tricks and such.

    Keep up the great work! You are very talented!

  2. I follow as LipsTitsTeethHips
    I *think* i found your blog through Kathy Effing Jacobs awesome blog, among others
    Email is
    And i love the looks you do based on the supernatural, they all tie in nicely, and its great to see your interpretation (such as the Púca, im Irish and its nice to see some of our old legends blogged about lol dont see it too often), plus im obsessed with myths/legends, all that jazz!
    Sorry for the loooong comment and thanks for the giveaway!

  3. You're actually one of the first people I started following, so it's been a while, but I THINK I found you on Phyrra's page.
    I think you should do more reviews! ..and tutorials! I always love your looks :)
    I follow as Annamax and my e-mail is

  4. Congrats! I think I found you thru some RT on twitter. As a fellow blogger, go girl!

  5. 1. I follow as either dull_flame or Sarah Davis, I fail at remembering
    2. I honestly can't remember how I found you but I'm pretty sure I read a comment of yours on someone else's post and I thought your name was cool so I checked you out!
    3. My email is
    4. I have no suggestions, only some ass-kissing- I love seeing your FOTDS and anything else you post. You're always a fun read.

  6. If this is open to new subscribers count me in - I *just* found you through Phyrra!

    I follow as eRiN, and my email is macmahon.erin [at]

    Company/ product reviews are the things I tend to find the most helpful, and I've found a TON of my Holy Grail products that way, so more of them would be great ... but I also love to see haul pics, swatches, FOTD, everything! More more more, I say :D

  7. -I follow via GFC
    -I can't remember how I found you! Probably through Julissa, Phyrra, Kathy etc!
    -robyndskinner at gmail dot com
    -MOAR CRAZY! Tutorials would be cool, too.

    Congrats on all your followers dude, you deserve them all and hundreds more! xxx

  8. I'm following. I think I found you through other blogs, so long ago i can't quite remember. I like crazy looks and reviews :)

    gardenofshadowsstore at gmail dot com

  9. Congrats on the now 100+ followers!

    1. I'm following.
    2. I think I found you following my blog or I might've found you through Phyrra. Either of those two.
    3. adventurous(dot)purplekoala(at)gmail(dot)com
    4. I want to see more crazy looks! Those are the ones I stalk on your FB page ;)

  10. ~I JUST found you via OHWTO on twitter! Literally- she retweeted the link to this giveaway and I thought I'd give it a whirl! :)
    ~My email is herlumpiness[at]gmail[dot]com
    ~Well like I said, I just found you so I can't give you great advice haha, but from a quick inspection, I'm gonna say that a different layout would do you really well. The polka dots are really distracting and something simpler would make it easier to focus on the pictures. I also LOVE seeing reviews of easy-to-get products, especially drugstore buys or other cheapie things- you never know what'll be your new go-to product!

    Congrats on 100 followers!

  11. YAY congrats for having over 100 followers!

    Of course I'm a follower, I have been for a while. I don't remember how I found you, you may have found me first?

    Your blog is great the way it is, but I always appreciate tutorials. Because I suck so much.

    Thanks for the giveaway xo

    reeree262 at hotmail dot com

  12. Congrats on 100+ followers!!!

    I follow you GFC under Pris aks MUJunkie88

    I found your blog on Phyrra's page...I think you had left a comment and have been a follower ever since! =)

    I love your blog very much. I love drugstore cosmetic reviews....i love top notch too but i cant afford those so that would be good if you could do reviews on that =)


    Thank you!

  13. Hi, and congrats on over 100 followers...feels good, doesn't it? :D

    I'm a GFC follower (as Laynie) and I found you through a retweet (I think from OHWTO?), and think your blog is great! As for how to improve... sheesh, I don't know. More pictures are always fun, and tutorials are fun too! And who am I kidding, I love crazy looks! (I'll be posting some of those on my own blog as well... feel free to check it out if you're interested!)

    My email is mslaynie AT gmail DOT com. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway... I know it's a lot of work! Happy New Year! :D

  14. I am a follower (and a total fan), I can't remember how I found you, it was either through one of the facebook pages for indie companies (Aromaleigh or HiFi) or from jumping from blogroll to blogrool...
    I don't think you need to improve your blog, your posts are clear and detailed and always have nice photos. Maybe you could do some photo tutorials, that would help the likes of me with colour placement :)
    Good luck to all !
    Lorraine x
    Martiandelights at

  15. Hi,
    I'm following through GFC under xlindajohanssonx (at) gmail (dot) com.

    I actually found you via Phyrra's blog!

    I really love everything you do, so more posts then! That'd be a great way to improve your blog :)

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  17. I follow through GFC as Kathy Duh (kathyeffingjacobs at yahoo dot com), and I found you through Phyrra's blog, IIRC. I love everything you do, especially the supernatural inspired looks. Although maybe make font for the post titles and link to comment a different color than the background?

  18. I follow through GFC, as RaeRae... I can't remember how I found you, it was many moons ago. Email is raeraemakeup at gmail dot com. I'd like to see more reviews annnd what Kathy said about the post titles and link to comment.

  19. Hi there!! :) I am a follower through Google.. I honestly can't remember where I found you.. probably Phyrra's blog. Blog rolls are the best when you're looking for inspiration. :) I love your blog just the way it is, but I'm always up for seeing tutorials. I love seeing people's different techniques. :) Email is: kerryelizabeth 97 at yahoo dot com

  20. I follow through GFC as SIlhouetteScreams
    I think I found you through Phyrra's blog roll?
    I'd love to see swatches and product reviews, and tutorials are always good! :3

  21. Congrats on the many followers! :)
    I follow via GFC!
    I think it would be better to change your font a little bit, maybe make them a little bigger? :)

    I found you through bloghopping, and i'm grateful i did!

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  22. Long time lurker, have only recently started following (on GFC!) through downloadstone(at)gmail(dot)com.

    I stumbled across your blog via Phyrra, and would love to see swatches! They're kind of my crack. Congrats on the followers!

  23. Enter me!
    I’m follower lady_flower123
    I found u on blog:
    I want to see more swatches.

    Xoxo :*
    Congratulations :)

  24. I follow you as darthangel165
    I found you on twitter im @zombielovrr

    i would love to see how u get some of those crazy looks that i love!!! <3


    i'm a follower via Google as Nero

    i found you thanks to a friend! we were talking about our fave blogs to read and she gave me your link ^^
    i don't know how you could improve, i think your blog is so nicely made! i love all your looks and that's the thing i prefer in beauty blogs!

  26. Congratulations on hosting a give-away & breaking 100! I found you via Phyrra's bloglovin'. I'm Amy on the Google friend connect. I have no suggestions for your blog, do what makes you happy & is fun.
    adani76 at aol dot com

  27. Hi,
    enter me,please!
    I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu)
    I found you through another beauty blog.
    I like to see more beauty stuff reviews.

  28. i follow and found you by a guest post that you did. more tutorials :)

  29. Please enter me :) I follow with GFC under queen-cry-baby
    I honestly cannot remember how I found you! Sorry but I have no idea!
    My email is
    And I'd love to see more reviews, I love reviews :)

  30. I follow GFC
    I found you through someone posting a link to your blog, can't remember who though. =[

    I would say more reviews/swatches. I just love looking at swatches and reading reviews even if I have no intention of purchasing the product haha!


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